Hi there.
Wanna know just a little bit about me?

I married my sweet husband many, many years after he threw a beer bottle and accidentally
hit me in the head with it at a college party(he was in collehge, my young self was still in high
We started dating many years after that. True story.
If I didn't marry him I would have married Eddie Vedder.
We have two kids and went through a big, old infertility mess to get the first one.
Child #2 was a complete and total surprise. Wouldn't ya know?
I love music. Love, love, love, music.
Especially scratchy old records.
I love anything from The Cure to the Grateful Dead to Edith Piaf, Dinah Washington and
Jay-Z...  with a little bit of everything in between.
I love 80's movies and alternative 80's music.
I am a child of the 70's-- Volkswagen's, bell-bottoms, roller skates and love beads?
Yes, please!
Biggest struggles for me?
Weight and crazy anxiety + panic kind of stuff. Not fun. Neither of them.
If I could be anyone in a movie, who would it be?
Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Sigh.
I love anything old with chippy paint that tells a story.

Having my own Etsy shop is the perfect excuse to thrift, antique and rummage sail all the live-long
day. Best thing ever.
I like to take lots + lots + lots of pictures.
My Nikon is what I refer to as my "big camera", the rest are taken with my iphone.
I am mildly obsessed with Instagram, so much fun.

I live in Central Illinois with my husband, kids and 14-year old beagle, Phoebe.
We live in a 90+ year old house that is a work in progress...huge understatement.
I am not the girl who always dreamed of her wedding day.
No fancy white dress for me, we got married in the backyard of our first house and I wore a blue dress.
Dive bar or dance club?
Dive bar! Dirty, dark, little dive bar with a really good jukebox and my best girlfriends.
Some may say I am a smart ass a tiny bit sarcastic, a little shy, a little crazy, a little creative,
a little sweet + a little salty.
I am passionate about keeping it real here on my blog and in real life... no pretending to be someone
I am not, no competing or keeping up with anyone.
No thanks, this mama is too old for that.
I do not care what everyone else is doing, here or in real life, I will usually be doing the opposite.
I really do dream of owning my very own margarita machine one day.
And travelling cross-country with my family in a VW bus.
Dreamin' big, y'all, dreaming big.


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