Tiny Treasures

Friday, September 4, 2009

Most mornings that the weather is nice and we don't have anywhere to be the kids and I take a walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday was a beautiful day so we all headed out, the kids and I along with my two nieces, the littlest in the stroller and the rest walking-or running. We have a usual route we take and there are things they like to point out at certain houses; dogs, fountains, the house that still needs to mow their yard. It is great for the kids to get fresh air, have a change of scenery(if only for 30 minutes), and burn off some energy but our favorite thing about our walks is searching for tiny treasures.
Tiny treasures can be feathers, acorns, rocks, leaves, sticks, walnuts, pennies, you name it. If one of these treasures are found they have to make sure everyone sees it and then they are stuffed in pockets and carried home. Once home these treasures go in jars and bottles to be displayed on the piano for all to see. Yesterday the kids found a pink leaf and two feathers but the highlight was the slug trail Wyatt spotted and pointed out to the others with the help of his flashlight. We didn't find the slug that made that trail yesterday but we will definitely keep looking.

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