Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday Date With My Favorite Boy

Last Saturday was such a good day.
I think it was the longest I had been away from the hospital since my dad went in, I stayed there late Friday night and
didn't go back there until Saturday afternnon.
I had all Saturday morning and a good part of the day "off",  just the break I needed.

I got to spend a good part of the day with my favorite ten year-old and it was such a good day.
As of the middle of this week I was feeling like I had seen so little of my kids for the past few weeks and the time I did see
them wasn't very long at once and was rushed + stressed and without me really fully present, or even halfway present
for that matter.

So Saturday.

We had both been hungry for breakfast food and decided to go to a yummy little neighborhood spot for a late breakfast/brunch.
I was craving pancakes and Wyatt was craving french toast.
Next time I will definitely be getting the french toast because it was oh-so-good.
When I asked Wyatt what he was hungry for his answer made me laugh and he was completely serious : "Just a lot of bacon."

We ate and talked, he drew in his Moleskin and didn't mind me taking pictures of him.
It was perfect.
These uninterrupted, just the two of us dates are so, so good- and they don't happen nearly often enough but they are my favorite.
These one-on-one times with my kids really gives me a glimpse of who they will be one day, if that makes any sense to you.
The way they act, carry themselves and things they talk about is just different when it is just you and them.
It just is. 

After we ate,  we stopped at this little area of beautiful Gingko tress and a beautiful brick homestead-Oh I   l  o  v  e    these
trees and their super cool leaves!
So we had to jump out and get a pictures here, about two hours after we snapped these pictures it was snowing really lightly
and so cold.
I'll take pretty yellow leaves over snow in November any day, in case you were wondering.

Next we went and did a little Christmas window shopping- at Big Kmart... his choice. Ha!
We spent a long time in the toy aisles, him making a list on a piece of paper we scrounged out of my purse while I stood behind
him and took pictures with my phone of the toys he was writing
down... that was how I made my list. 
It was nice to go really slow, to lsiten to him, look at the toys he was talking about(well until I glazed over and could only nod my head...)
and just to not be hurrying him and wishing I was somewhere else in that moment or just going over my mental list of all the things
I need to do.
Why do we always do that, by the way?

In the next couple of weeks I am going to make it a priority to squeeze in a little morning/afternoon or evening date
with my most favorite + funniest little eight-year old.
These are the days to rememeber.


Friday, November 21, 2014

{Virtual Coffee}

Good Morning + Happy  Tuesday Wednesday errr--  Friday. 
I am craving some kind of normalcy and routine and I thought for old time's sake I would pop in here and do a Tuesday
morning Virtual Coffee post - and then I realized... it is Wednesday morning.
But that's okay, so we are having Virtual Coffee anyway... even though it is now
f  r  i  d  a  y   and I am just now finishing this post.

Check out my new perfect-sized mug I got at Target last week, I love the blue, my most favorite color is blue.
So I have a thing for coffee mugs, and maybe probably have way too many, but I am always searching for just-the-right-size
latte cups and this one is pretty good.

Anyway- If we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
I would tell you that the last couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind with nothing feeling normal at all... 
like nothing, so this feels really good.
Just sitting on my couch,  freezing under a blanket and drinking my coffee... feels perfect, just perfectly normal and I love it.

My dad was in the hospital for thirteen days and he's home now but there is a really long way to go and so many things to 
figure out and.... it's just a LOT. A lot.
So until I am ready to even sit down and talk more about all of that I will just say that my family is so feeling thankful for so
many different things and the whole being thankful/Thanksgiving thing truly takes on a whole different meaning for us this year.

And speaking of thankfulness and Thanksgiving... note the pumpkins I still have out in the living room?
I know all of you love Christmas just a whole, whole lot but it's still Fall(ish) around here.
I stick pretty hard to my no Christmas stuff out until after Thanksgiving rule, not because I don't like Christmas just like
everybody else, but because I want to attempt to enjoy the holiday season I am in currently.
Attempting, I said.

If I am honest I will tell you that I am still not adjusted to this time change at all.
In the hospital we would look out the window and see the sun going down so early and it felt like
it should be 8:0 pm .... but it was only like 4:45 pm.... which just made for much longer nights.
The hard part for me is the lack of sunshine during the day we have been having lately...
I have learned as I have gotten older that the lacking sunshine thing really bothers me, even more
than the cold weather, if that's even possible.
If I can ever get my tired, lazy $#@ up early in the morning I know I will get to enjoy some early morning light though,
which is a definite good thing.

And yes, it's true, we have had snow already and I just felt kind of indifferent about it.
Probably a little annoyed, too.
Leaving the hospital late at night after a long day to realize it snowed and you need to 
scrape ice off of your car and you don't have a scraper in your car, is not a good thing.
But right here, in this shot... it looks pretty, right?
It did look pretty falling and we didn't get much at all.

One more thing before I go this morning, I just finished this book and I loved it.
It isn't very long at all and was a pretty quick read!
Suddenly, in this weather, all I can think about is reading books and baking and being under the covers way too early in the evening.
Time to nest and hibernate for the Winter I guess.

Thanks for stopping by here for coffee this morning, hope you have a great day !
Any fun plans for the weekend?
Tonight the kids and I are going to celebrate a Friday night not in the hospital with pizza and some movies I think.
That's exactly the kind of Friday night this mama needs!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

All The Feelings + The Last 10 Days

November 6'th was my sister's birthday and my mom and dad's 47'th wedding anniversary.
It's also the day my dad went into the ICU.

I don't think I quite have the mental energy to go through the whole story from beginning to end yet, but he had a stroke.
It's not the usual kind, this stroke caused bleeding in the brain. A lot of bleeding.
Instead of surgery at this time,  the doctors opted to see if the blood will be reabsorbed into his body.
In the mean time, you pray that there is no more bleeding.
And just wait and see what happens.

These last ten days have been full of fear, waiting, hope and exhaustion.
They have also been full of friends, family and a lot of good things, too.
I think these last ten days we have felt ALL of the feelings... all of them, from one end of the spectrum to the other.
Often all in a matter of hours.

These are the days to be thankful for so much, I know this.
These last 10 days have been full of so much, including so many big lessons, personally.
And so much hope.

There is so, so much more to say.... But this is all I can muster up tonight.
If you have commented on my Instagram posts or sent a kind message or kept us in your prayers, then Thank you, so very much.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can You Even Stand It?

I was on a little road trip a few weeks ago and just happened to come across this building in a tiny, little town. 
Wait. What? 

Who did this? 
What is this building? 
Who picked those colors?  
I fell in love, y'all. 

I love finding awesome artsy random pretty things like this... It's so unexpected. 
Don't you? 
It's just so happy... and who can't use a little happy every day? 

I know I can. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Today, I Give You Permission

Today was one of those days.
Not terrible, not great... but a day.

Today I wanted to throw in the towel.
To run away.
Like really, really far away.
Maybe to another country where no one knows my name.
Like where I would walk around with sunglasses on, people watching... where no one would
talk to me and I wouldn't need to talk to anyone else unless I really felt like it.
I wouldn't exactly know the language in this foreign country, but I would be just fine.
Alone. Blissful.
That's my fantasy, My Running Away fantasy.
I have several, but that's just one of them.

And guess what?
Today I, Amy, give you permission to have your very own Running Away Fantasy.
And the rule is is that you cannot feel guilty for it.
Like not even a little bit... it's a fantasy, you're not really doing it.
And you also don't have to apologize for having one, or announce how grateful and thankful and blessed you are for your life...
None of that.
You can do that later, or tomorrow, but not while you are having your very own Running Away Fantasy because it's just
simply not allowed.
Remember, I am the one making the rules and handing out permission slips today. 

Today I gave myself permission to fantasize about running away from life and people and responsibilities and just all of it.
I give you permission too, because it's okay.
It doesn't mean you're ungrateful or selfish or that you would ever trade your life(not really) to
run away for real.
Because it's okay to not want to be with your people every second of every day... or people at all for that matter.
It's normal, I promise you.

In my fantasy I am in fact driving a VW bus, and it's either orange or baby blue or bright yellow.
And yes, I can drive it to another country from Illinois... because in my fantasy I am not getting on
a damn airplane.
No way.

The End.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Most Unique Halloween Costume /// Laura Ingalls Wilder

So I think I have shared plenty of Halloween pictures on Instagram and I know in our minds Halloween is long gone, but
I had to share a couple more plus Charlotte's super exciting news.
My kid's school still celebrates Halloween when it seems like most don't anymore and let me
just say, that I  L  O  V  E  that.  Like a lot.
This year they had a short musical program for 2'nd, 3rd and 4th grades(so both of my kids were in it) and then they have
the Halloween costume parade.
Usually the parade is outside and the kids walk around the block in the neighborhood and everyone gets to see them, it's a
long-standing school/neighborhood tradition.
This year the weather wasn't great, a little chilly and windy, so it was in the gym instead.

After the parade they have parties in the classrooms and then the costume judging.
I think the teachers and/or staff do the judging and then call the winners over the intercom.
I left right before the end of the day and missed that part and had kind of forgot about it although I don't think Charlotte had.

Here is Charlotte as Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I think this is my favorite costume so far, I just think it is so cute + just perfect for her.
My mom made the dress and apron, Charlotte gpt to pick the fabric herself, which was quite the chore, she knew exactly
what she wanted and was not really taking our suggestions at all.
That girl has her own opinions on everything. 
But in the end it turned out great and she was VERY happy with her dress.

The bonnet we borrowed from my cousin which was exactly what we were looking for and
really completed the whole costume I think.
I have had that vintage lunch pail laying around here for years and we grabbed some old books and tied them together
for her to carry.
Obviously she already has the hairdo down to be Laura, right?

A couple different people asked if the costume was mine from when I was a kid, but it wasn't.
This costume was all Charlotte's idea.
We  certainly love the Little House books and the show in this hosue and I love that this is what she
wanted to be, just perfect for my little reader + book lover.

{nevermind the chocolate on her apron from the school party ;) }

After school I was sitting on the porch watching for the kids to come up the street and saw Charlotte
runing as fast as she could to the house.
She won the costume contest for most unique costume, she was so excited!
I was excited for her too,  just thinking how that would've felt in 2nd grade, to win in that category for the whole school, to have
your name called over the intercom and to win a prize.
It was a good day and a great Halloween indeed.

Have a great day everyone !

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November + Monthly Goals

A brand new, fresh month.
The beginning of cold weather and the Holiday season.
The days are shorter, much shorter, and the time changes.
November, I do not know how in the hell you are here already, but you are.
{SO, I will attempt to embrace you, although you are not really my most favorite at all.}

Last month(and September) I made a Fall List of sorts, full of things I wanted to do/see/accomplish
during the month.
I am making another list this month, but more of a list of Goals for the month of November.

My goals for the month  

Make that dang pie already(pumpkin with homemade crust) !
Write every single day- on paper. Something... anything.
Write in my gratitude journal.
Develop pictures and frame them.
Make three new crock pot meals.
Keep working on that early morning routine- it's non-existent lately.

That's all I've got for now, I am sure I will add to my list as the month goes on.
I plan to try hard to work on the morning thang, starting tomorrow. 
Although I am not a big fan of the colder months I am looking forward to all that November will bring.

Are you excited about November... Are you ready for  it?
Do you have any goals for the month?
Things you hope to do or places you hope to go?

Hope you have a great week! 

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