Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Will you just look at that?
That was just Sunday and it was in the upper 70's in St.Louis.... trees and flowers are already blooming there.
B  l  o  o  m  i  n  g.
Today, in Illinois it is supposed to be in the 40's.
On April 15.
I think maybe I'll just become a resident of Missouri.
It' super close.... I could visit a whole lot. Right?
So maybe I shouldn't have said that I thought Winter was officially over in my last post, huh?
Lesson learned.


So I am up before work this morning and ready for an early morning cup of coffee.
Blogging and life and just everything is in a little adjustment period over here because of this whole
working again thing.
It still feels really strange to say "working" and "job".... and it feels even funnier to have to be ready to walk out the door
at 8:30 am when the kids go to school.
You know, the not-so-funny kind of funny.
Not just dressed but hair fixed, make-up and wearing a BRA... and no yoga pants or ratty old t-shirts.
An adjustment,  I tell ya.

So I have a LOT of pictures to share from my girls weekend away this past weekend-- so much fun and I can tell you that I have
not laughed so hard in a long time.
There is nothing better than spending 4 days with 3 of your very oldest girlfriends, that I know for sure.
The weather was absolutely beautiful in St. Louis, and although I missed my little family so much, I 
think we could have found enough to do for a couple more days there.

BUT, that being said, it is really nice to be back home, on my couch under a quilt since it's so cold out there again(BOO), having
my very own homemade latte in my own cup-- not a Starbucks cup.
That is good.

So this morning it's back to reality and all of my regular duties--
Lunch making, getting myself ready for work, doing my first-grader's hair, packing back packs...
Back to soccer practice tonight, homework checking, spelling word practice, dinner making... REALITY.

It really is so good to get a break from the every day once in a while and believe me, I take advantage whenever I can, and
know I am lucky that my husband is able to handle everything at home without me having to worry about anything at all.


Well coffee time is about over for me....
How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun?
Have you had a weekend away with friends or by yourself,  or with anyone at all lately/ever?
Where would you go if you could?

I think I am already planning the next weekend away in my mind...
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello There, April!

I am so, so happy it's April you guys.
SO, so happy.
I think the longest winter   E  V  E  R,   the one that made me want to lay in bed with a bottle of wine and a box of kleenex(revolver),
is over.
I think it's safe to say it now... It's really OVER.

We haven't had that many really nice days yet, and we have had  a lot of rain already, but I'm not even complaining.
Do you know what time sunset is supposed to be tonight?
7:25 p.m.
Not 4:25 or even 5:25..... But 7:25.
That makes me ridiculously happy.

It feels like we can actually really start to look forward to Spring now and make plans knowing it is here, and warmer weather is almost here.

I'm thinking about...

garden plans
front door painting
new pillows for the front porch
morning/evening walks
kids playing OUTSIDE, not inside
coffee out on the porch/back patio
bike rides
windows   O  P  E  N

It's almost Friday, it's not snowing, it's not below zero and there is no Polar Vortex on the way.
That's good enough for me.
Hope you have an awesome Spring day!


Friday, April 4, 2014

TGIF :: This Workin' Thang

W  H  E  W.  It's Friday.
Fridays have taken on a whole new level of excitement for me this week.

If you follow me on Instagram,  you might have seen that I started  a new job here in the last few weeks but this week
was my first actual full week.
Every day.
Like, a JOB job.
Not my at-home job... but an outside-the-home day job.

And wow... it's an adjustment.
I know, I know... for those of you that have been working outside of the home, this is what you have been doing all along.
I am back to it after many, many years and yeah, it's different.
It's good and challenging and... just different.

My Instagrams have probably been a little lot boring this week.... Because I have not been home, or thrifting or having leisurely coffee... sigh.
And it's been rainy + chilly, so when I do leave to run errands or whatever, I am just hurrying to my car.
That kinda sucks... and I apologize(kinda), but you're just going to have to put up with my boring work Instagrams, because I am not
just going to stop taking pictures + documenting my days just because I am working.
Sorry. Kinda.
So yeah, they are just a little different.

So after my first full week(every day, while the kids are at school), I can tell you this;

I am tired.
I don't like getting up early OR going to bed early.
It's kind of nice to use my brain in a different way.
I feel totally out of the loop as far as...Well, working with people.
It's good to be challenged.
My at-home work is still waiting for me every day/night(Shit. That sucks).
I need to become way more organized at home and pretty darn fast, too.
I need some new clothes.
I love the funky Gal's bathroom decor.
I love Friday nights.

That's all.
I think my old ass will be reading a book in bed by 9:30 tonight.


H  A  P  P  Y     F  R  I  D  A  Y  !

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am just getting around to blogging about our quick little Spring Break trip to The Windy City.
Here's a quick look at our weekend in Chicago,  a week and a half ago now, via my iphone....
Insta-Chicago, if you will.
We packed  a LOT into just a few days, a lot.
We all had a lot of fun, the kids were really good and we can't wait to go back this Summer.
By Summer, the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier will be open then and I promised Charlotte I would ride it with her then.
I don't love rides but I think I can handle a Ferris wheel. I think.
 But maybe I shouldn't promise.

My kids LOVE the city, they are awesome little travelers and it is so much fun visiting new places, or just places completely
different from where we live,  with them.
I love seeing all of these things with them, through their eyes.

We had been planning to go since after Christmas and because of so much snow and bad
 weather,  we decided to wait until it was just a little bit  nicer anyway.
I'm so glad we waited until there was no snow and it was still chilly but not freezing. 

We catch the Amtrak about 45 minutes from home and take it right into the City.
The kids love taking the train and so do I, no traffic to deal with and it is just so easy + relaxing.
And cheap. 
If you get your tickets in advance it is so affordable to take the train, much less than driving...
and that's probably even with paying for overnight parking at the train station.

I think Amtrak should send me + the kids around the country this summer and I
 will blog and Instagram our trip along the way.
Wouldn't that be awesome?
I'd totally be down with that.

I  LOVED when we were getting ready for bed the night before we left and the kids
 were SO EXCITED about our little trip and Charlotte said:

"Mommy I love when you're on the train and all the sudden you get close tot he city and 
you start seeing all the buildings and you look up and they are so tall and there are so many.
That is so awesome!"

Now that just made my heart happy.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Sketch Book

Hey there and Happy Friday.


I never intend to go so long between popping in with a post here... 
But that seems to be the new normal around here.
I thought maybe(maybe) something that would help me get back into some type of a regular 
blogging schedule would be to have a regular weekly feature thing around here.

I am a big journaler/doodler/drawer/writer and I thought it would be fun to share some
 of them here every week. 
I fill books and books and no one ever sees them... which is mostly the point.
My favorites are the books that stay open good while you are writing/drawing and that
 are not spiral bound.

My favorite pens have always been- and remain- Sharpie fine tip and Sharpie medium tip pen/markers.
Oooh, I LOVE them and I have now started adding a piece of Washi tape to all of mine
 so I can spot the kids with one instantly. Ha! 
Hands off, kids! 


Hope you have a great weekend.
Any big plans?
I am planning on taking it easy and getting some much needed work done around here.
IF I can pry myself away from my new book!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Something For The Week Ahead

Hey there.
Happy Monday.
I thought I would start off this week with a few things that would set the mood for the week ahead-- plus a few of my favorite
pictures from the weekend!

This is going to be a crazy-busy week and I'm hoping that starting it off right with a good mind set
will be just what I need.
But as for today, there is NO school(yay!) and we are going roller skating with friends later.
Now that is the way to start off a brand new week, if you ask me!

Picture of the Chicago skyline above, from Navy Pier, using the #waterlogue water paint app.
I    L  O  V  E   this !!!
And below, the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.
This just makes me happy.
And Charlotte and I cannot wait to go back this Summer and ride it! 

This is me pretty much... right here.
And that's okay.

I am in a hair rut... Well, I'm perpetually in a hair rut, if you want the truth.
My hair is thick and a little wavy, I have an annoying cowlick and I am lazy and don't like
 to spend a whole lot of time on it. If I had a magic power it would be to wave a wand over my
 head and have my hair fixed + looking AWESOME.
I love her hair... thinking I need bangs like this to cover this big,
 funky WRINKLE between my eyes...
BOO for getting old.

And these just made me laugh...
If cussing bothers you, you had better stop reading.
If we were friends in real life you would know that I can sometimes, on occasion,
 cuss like a SAILOR.
Okay, so maybe a lot of the time.
(But not in front of the kids)


I hope your week is off to a great start!
Happy, Happy Monday.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Coffee + Hot Chocolate Date

Last weekend Charlotte and I were able to sneak away for a few hours for a coffee and hot chocolate date, just the two of us.
We stopped at Starbucks first for hot chocolate and my drink of choice(cinnamon dolce latte, nonfat milk) and three teenagers sat next to us.
Charlotte kept looking all crazy at them, she rolled her eyes to me once about the way they were talking and what they were saying.
At one point she came around the table and whispered in my ear, saying:  "Why are they so dramatic, Mommy? That's ridiculous."

It was funny to watch her watch them and later when we left I told her she would probably be acting that way one day, too.
She looked horrified and said; "Did you?"
I had to admit that... Yep, I probably did, too.

After coffee we decided to go to a used book store that we hadn't been to in a long time.
We have a couple of small independent book stores in town, but the closest Barnes & Noble-type book store, which Charlotte declared a
couple of years ago to be her  "Happy Place",  is about a half and hour + away.
We looked around the book store and Charlotte picked out an American Girl book.
Next we stopped at Target, looked around a little and headed home, Charlotte read her new book the whole way home.

Sometimes it's hard to remember to do these little dates, just one on one, or to find the time to squeeze them in.
I know the more kids you have the harder it is, but I am always so happy when we do find the time to do it... it can definitely be done.
We have already decided that next time we will have to go on a Saturday so we can go paint pottery together.
But first, Wyatt and I will have to have our date... Wonder what he will choose to do??


Hope you had a great weekend... tomorrow is Monday already.
But it is a short week for us,  4-day weekend and the kids and I are headed to  C   H   I   C   A   G  O on Friday.

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