THIS Is Summer

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This is Summer when you are 8-years old.
Just roller skatin' around the 'hood in your bathing suit like it's no big deal. 
Because it's not when you are eight.
Stopping for a popsicle on the front porch, using the broom to help slow you down when
you're going down the hill, dodging your brother's Nerf gun bullets. 

Hope you're enjoying these Summer days, too.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good morning. 
So it's Thursday which means it is almost Friday, which means... The weekend is just around the corner. That is a good thing because it's just been a bit of a rainy, dreary + somewhat depressing week and going back to work after a week off is never easy anyway.
I am up early this morning and let me just say that I am doing pretty damn good with the whole being able to get myself up and out of bed lately.
When I do get up early, I have been trying to get up by 5:20ish and I have to say that I feel really good when I do. It starts my whole day off right.
My next step is to actually get up, get out of my pajamas and exercise a couple mornings a week.
I'll get there, but man...that one is tough. Oh how I do love staying in my pajamas in my quiet house while everyone else is asleep.
This week there are so many little things and big things running around in my head- just life things.
Important and not important things, but there's a lot there, swirling around.
This is the time when I know it is good for me to get some quiet time to myself, to get some perspective. Away.
I thought vacation would do it- But come on now, what was I thinking?
Vacation is good for many, many reasons but rest, quiet and relaxation would not be one of them, unless you went on vacation alone. Right?
Last night Wyatt and I went to see Jurassic World, just the two of us.
Let me just say that this is not something I would normally go see, I actually don't even think that I have ever seen the first Jurassic Park all the way through- or maybe I have only seen previews?
Anyway, I knew Wyatt wanted to see it and it was a great night, just the two of us.
And the movie?
It was pretty entertaining and since it wasn't my usual kind of movie to see, I probably liked it even more.
Afterwards I asked Wyatt to indulge me in a country drive because it was almost sunset and I was looking for some wildflowers and it was the perfect evening for it. He did.
I love having time with just one of the kids, it's just different. And good.
He indulged me for quite some time and then of course I ended up driving wayyy farther than I planned to and eventually he put on his headphones and watched some of The Lone Ranger and I drove in silence for a while.
This beautiful sunset we saw and all the bunnies at sunset and driving down roads with cornfields on both sides and whatever was blooming that smelled so sweet.... was just perfect. All of it.
Last week when we were driving through the mountains I was so happy to see something other than cornfields and soybean fields and just something different. It was refreshing.
BUT last night I was happy to be able to see wide open flat land whee you can see the entire sunrise and sunset....and the fields and all of the memories I have attached to cornfields in general.
Silly childhood memories that make me smile.
On the hard days you have to look for little pieces of beauty where you can find it...
Even if that means in the tie-dye, sunburst oil puddle in the parking lot of the thrift store.
Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

And lastly, my pitcher of wildflowers from the night before, cut hurriedly from the sides of the country roads.
These make me just too happy. I love the wildflowers that grow along the roadsides and if I lived in the country I would cut some for the house(and myself) every single day.
Also- If I keep getting up so early I think I am going to have to start having a second cup of coffee some days, usually I only have one.
By the time the kids get up and I am getting ready for work a few hours have passed already since my first cup and I find myself wanting a second.

If you are still reading here, thanks for reading.
Some days I have a million things to say, some days nothing, many days there are things I would like to share but don't... And still more days when I wonder if I want to continue writing/sharing here or not at all anyway.
Enough of my rambling though....
Have a great day!

Home From The Great Smoky Mountains

Saturday, June 20, 2015

We are home from our Road Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.
It was beautiful. Seriously. So beautiful! 
We had an awesome view of the mountains right from our cabin, it was just perfect.

I'll be back soon with lots of pictures and much more on Dollywood, Tennessee and Kentucky...
But for now I've got a bunch of laundry to do and lots of NOT driving to do. 
Have a great weekend, y'all!


Summer Vacation Is Here!

Friday, June 5, 2015

At 3:05 on Wednesday, Summer vacation officially began.
We are excited- and freaking out just a bit at the same time- That would be me, not the kids.
Summer vacation just isn't the same when you are working(Boo!), so this Summer is going to be a
little different than those in the past...
It is going to involve a lot more juggling, s few Summer camps and figuring it all out along the way.
My Summer List this year might just be; Keep everyone alive and Mama sane!
That might be the only thing on the list.
I might add "keep guilt at bay", too. Yeah, I'm probably gonna need to add that.

 Wish us luck!

Life Lately...

Friday, May 29, 2015

Life lately in pictures looks like....
A homemade fruit pizza made by the kids and I tonight- a little on the naked side(all we had was kiwi & strawberries!) but still super YUMMY!
Sometimes I buy ready-made crust but this time I made my own sugar cookie crust and the crust was so much thicker and maybe even better.
It looks like reading in the backyard together. And Stanley does not want to be left out of anything
at all. Also, he'd really like an ice cream cone of his own, because he's a smart boy.
It looks like... My roses finally blooming. 
Check out my peace rose, you can't tell that good in this picture but all the edges are pink. So cool. 
It looks like a hand-lettering kit I ordered last week from Prairie Letter Shop.
This weekend I am going to get in some practice. Fun! 
This week there was just a little bit of time for junking, I love searching through piles 
and stacks, inside and out. The older and rustier the better. 
Life lately looks like... Reading on the porch swing.
By myself and in the evening reading Bambi with the kids as well.
I am trying to get back in the habit of reading aloud with them and I am making a Summer 
Reading List for them and for me. Also? This book(below) was good and weird... But good.
Oh and pretty creepy.

Life lately looked like our annual Memorial Day family get-together that was cut a little short
 due to my little lady coming down with the flu. It's no fun throwing up outside in the heat, and even worse when there is no running water to clean up with after. Poor baby.
Life lately looks like this yummy new cocktail that might just be my new Summer drink.
Grapefruit vodka with grapefruit Vita Ice(or something similar would work) over ice.
Super good and refreshing. Also- cute gold-rimmed thrifted glass for the win, it's my
unofficial cocktail glass.
Life lately looks like about 500 school/end-of-the-year things and summer camp scheduling...
and list making and teacher gifts and on and on.
But I got a new calendar and I am checking things off my list.
AND, only 3 more days of school.
Life lately looks like...
Lots of blue + yellow.
Fields of golden rod and the kids in front of an awesome wall we came across last weekend.
Maybe my favorite color combo ever, it just kinda screams Summer.

You know this is just a TINY bit of my life lately... it's not all picture perfect, because no one's life is.
And personally, I don't really want to take pictures of the ugly stuff.
Oh, it's there, and I acknowledge it, but don't nobody want to see  some of this week's ugly in pictures.
Grumpy, crying mood-swings(me)? No thanks.
Quite possibly the largest most painful under the skin pimple I've ever had?
Uh... no.
My Mac book that crashed?
Definitely not.

Remember that when you are looking at other people's pictures and reading other people's words
on social media. It's a tiny slice, not the whole story. Thank goodness, huh?

Happy Friday + have a great weekend!

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy long weekend, everyone! 
Hope you are doing something fun or relaxing. We are headed to the cabin and spending the weekend with our family + some of my favorite people ever. So- outhouses and camp fires and antiquing and no running water and cousins...

Here we come! 

Have a good one!

On Being Forty-ish :: Dreaming New Dreams

Sunday, May 17, 2015

So something happened when I turned forty.
And just for the record, it still sounds weird when I say out loud that I am forty(forty-one now).
Really? That really happened last year?
And I don't just mean the stuff that starts happening to your body, either.
{Because you do know that happens, right? And that it really kinda sucks, too.}.
You're in luck though, because that's not what I am talking about today.

I am talking about the realizations you come to about life and time and what you want to
 DO with your life and not do-and I'm not going to lie, the freak-outs about how fast time is going and the wondering of just how much of it you have left.... All that wonderfully heavy kind of stuff.
And let me say here that I think it's normal, totally and completely normal, for us
to have these feelings. And it may not happen to you when you hit forty,
it could be before or after- obviously you can have these feelings and thoughts and realizations
 at any time in your life. That being said, I do think there is some significance in turning forty and
being that age and feeling like you are right in the middle of your life and that either kind of
kick-starts it all or just makes you think of it a little bit more.
  Maybe not- but that is definitely how it has been for me.

So I think a lot about what I wish I was doing, what I hope to do, what I want to do
and what I absolutely do not want to spend my time doing any longer than I have to.
I guess I have not really come to a huge specific realization, it's not like I have finally figured
out that my lifelong dream is to sail around the world or anything crazy like that, thank goodness.
I know that I want more adventure, whatever that means.
More trying new things.
More challenging myself to change and grow in the areas I need to.
I have a strong desire to live somewhere else but I don't see that as a practical option right now.
I know that I do not want to just go through the motions of every day life and wake up when
 my kids are ready to move out/go to college.
I want a whole lot more of doing the things NOW that I want to do instead of waiting for
 that perfect "some day....."

Maybe I will decide I want to go back to school for graphic design or something in
the creative field, which has always been in the back of my mind.
Maybe we will move... and maybe not.
I know that I want more adventures and experiences and less THINGS.
It's not the things that fill us up or make a real difference in our lives, this I know.
Maybe I will finally get that kayak I have been wanting, even though I don'tlive in a place eveen close to ideal for kayayking and don't know anyone that would do it with me.

Have you had these thoughts and feelings, too...
Whether you are forty or nowhere near forty?
Have you figured out something you just KNOW that you really want to do,
or not do, or have started to think about doing in your life?

I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.
Tell me I am not alone!

This video.
This isn't something I really don't have any interest in doing myself but
 I think these people have it figured out, they are doing it.
I absolutely love watching/reading about how people are doing what they believe
 they are meant to do with their lives + following their dreams.


Happy Sunday to you.