Cook-out, Cousins and a Campfire

Monday, October 12, 2009

How come the weekends go by so fast yet that stretch of time every weekday from ...oh, about 4:00 p.m. until sometimes 7:00 p.m. can feel like an entire day? That's how many weekdays go around here a lot of the time and that is definitely how this past weekend flew by. Sunday we went to a big family cook-out and I think  it really wore us all out. It was nice enough to be outside around the fire and that is where the kids stayed, unless they were inside eating or warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. The kids spent their time climbing trees, trying to skip rocks in the pond, crawling through the big drain ditch, going on adventures through the corn with the "big kid" cousins, roasting marshmallows and climbing up the huge mound of dirt. The adults got to do a lot of visiting with family--which to me is just as important as the kids having a chance to run around outside for a few hours. Oh and how I love coming home and still smelling like a fire. What else could you possibly want to do on a Sunday in October?



  1. Love the pics of the kids at the pond. My kids have talked about the "cornfield adventures" and the drain pipe quite a bit since yesterday. And they were beyond exhausted! (So glad it was a no school day today.) Yesterday was a great time and I can see the pond being a magnet for the family. It was kinda funny seeing the break-down of the people there - all of our older relatives inside while those of us with kids out by the fire aka pond....watching...waiting...wondering if there may a possible disaster...(falling in the pond, drain pipe fiasco, screams of help from the cornfield......But we all made it :)

  2. Definitely a family magnet--especially when it is full! Yeah, luckily the only disaster was Wyatt running into the truck bed in the dark...glad no one was lost in the cornfield because I know I didn't wan to go looking for them! : )


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