A Little mOnday Love...

Monday, October 5, 2009

I love Mondays. I really do. I haven't always loved Mondays, but I do now. There is no work on Monday, no preschool and nothing going on for us regularly, it's a"free day". We can do whatever we want and today we visited the Apple Orchard near us. It is a gorgeous day here, the weather in the upper-60's...we got to pick apples, play on the playground, jump on the hay fort, try to catch monarch butterflies and eat apple donuts. Oh and it is Bench Monday so we got to take pictures, too. A great day so far! Hope you are having a Happy Monday!


  1. oh, so sorry we missed it! crazy trying to do last minute stuff before we leave..so glad we got the pumpkin patch in and a night out for dinner -- put some pics on my blog of the patch today -- will send all of them in an album to you.

  2. just looked through your flicker photostream - you take fabulous pictures amy!

  3. you have to try and make it to the orchard another time! yep, so glad we all got to hit the pumpkin patch together and i love all the pictures, so cute!


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