a STARBUCKS Kind of Morning.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yesterday morning while I was barking orders at the kids to get their shoes on, grab their coats, hurry, Wyatt's gonna be late for school, you can finish your cinnamon toast as soon as we get home, please put the Legos down and put your shoes on now...Eric headed out to leave for work but stuck his head back in to say I left the car window down last night. All night. And it rained pretty hard. Great. We make it out the door right on time, get to the car and ~OH WAIT~ I left all the windows down, all the way down. The whole car was soaked, the kids' seats too wet to sit in and now we're really going to be late for preschool. I ran back inside grabbed a few towels and an extra shirt, jeans and jacket for Wyatt, just in case. We make the super short (5 minutes?) drive to school and by the time we get there Wyatt's clothes are too wet to wear. Great. Now I have to have him change his clothes quickly in the car, without everyone seeing. Now, if I had showered or been dressed appropriately I would have taken him inside to change but since I was not and neither was his sister, we could not go in and further humiliate him. *And let me add right here that for drop off you pull up and the teachers come get the children and walk them in.* So I pull into the parking lot next to the school,away from everyone, had Wyatt climb up front and helped him get out of his wet clothes which was pretty tricky. Then I have to pull out of the parking lot into the drop-off line with him up front, balancing himself since he can't sit down on the wet passenger seat. Good lord, what a morning. Luckily I remembered we were out of coffee before we got home, so straight to Starbucks it was for a venti-mocha-skim-milk-light-whipped-cream-and-cinnamon-powder-on-top, thank you very much.
It wasn't even 9:00 yet.

edited to add: not sure why my picture disappeared, but it's back for now.


  1. quite a contrast from your peaceful laid back monday, just the day before right?
    think of all the fun fall and christmas coffee creamers that are about to come out -- yum!!! what was that one we both hunted for last year????

  2. oh yeah, i forgot about those...was it peppermint? chocolate mint? yum!


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