Monday, October 19, 2009

Some days--okay, most days--I have to remind myself throughout the day to slow down, look away, count to 3 (or 10), take a deep breath and enjoy the day. Now, it's not that I don't enjoy these days at home with my kids, but you know....after breaking up countless fights, the dog peeing on the chair, running out of milk when you were just at the store, no one liking what you fixed for can wear you down. I have to try to make a conscience effort to stop what I'm doing right then to go and  see what one of the kids wants to show me, let the dishes wait and not notice the Legos that are all over the floor--again. The messes will always be there. Always. The kids, unfortunately, will not always think I am the greatest thing in the world (after daddy) and want to spend every day with me. Stop, slow down and appreciate the day, that's what I am telling myself today.

This morning we had a couple errands to run and since it is Bench Monday Wyatt said we should take his new bench with us, so we did. After dropping off three huge bags of clothes at Catholic Charities we went out to pay the storage bill for our old Jeep Grand Wagoneer...ummm...somebody got a little behind on the payments and I am TOTALLY blaming the storage place because they do not send you a monthly bill-you just have to remember to pay it. The nerve. After I got that straightened out we got out of the car and got in the Jeep because the kids think it is the greatest thing ever, and they played in it for like twenty minutes and I didn't even hurry them. Today is a good day.

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