What We Did Today vs. What We Wanted To Do

Thursday, October 8, 2009

:: Looked out the window and watched the rain instead of actually going outside and playing.
:: Made a couple of loaves of banana bread instead of laying in bed under the covers watching something  like Out of Africa or The English Patient while the kids napped/rested.
:: Read lots and lots of books at nap time instead of actually taking a nap.
:: Brought the iron up from the laundry room intending to iron this little table cloth-thingy I just got handed down to me from my aunt, but never plugged it in. I decided just to forget it when Charlotte saw the iron and said; "What's that mommy?" Ooops. Why start now?
:: Walked up and down the steps a million times instead of actually taking a walk.

                            Sigh. There is always tomorrow.

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