Embarrassing Parenting Moment # 532

Friday, November 20, 2009

So yesterday the kids, my mom and I went to the mall. While we were shopping Charlotte had to go potty so the two of us hurried off to the restroom, fast as we could, hoping for no lines. We go in, no wait, no one else is in there but us. Good. She goes first, then my turn. She waited very nicely, no crawling on the floor, touching the "cute little garbage can" as she calls it, no peaking under the stall. Just standing there quietly leaning up against  the door. Here's the fun part: The door she is leaning against flies open, she shoots backward several feet, lands on her butt facing me while the door is left hanging open. All the way open. I am still sitting down on the toilet. I look up and yep, you got it, two people washing their hands, standing in front of the mirror, looking right at me. Niiiiiiiice. It felt like a full minute before Charlotte got herself up off the floor and scrambled back into the stall, but I'm sure it was only about 15 seconds. But, that's all it took. It could have been worse and I know for a fact that will not be at the top of the list of the ways my children can embarrass and humiliate their mother. Just another day at the mall.

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