Just Me & All The Crazies

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why are they lined up already? What do you think they're doing? What are they waiting for?
A flat screen tv? A laptop? A new mixer?
Yep, I'm gonna be out with all the CRAZIES tomorrow for a little Black Friday madness.
Normally we just  go for the fun of it, just my mom, sister, cousin and I--no kids, no waiting in line for  five hours for a tv, we're not sleeping in our cars or anything.
Truth be told we just shop a little and then all go to lunch. It's a tradition.
Well, we are going earlier than usual this year though so I had better head to bed.
Big day ahead of me tomorrow, me and all the other crazies.
Wish me luck!


  1. i was with the crazies out here too - but it wasn't all that bad - love the festiv-ness of the day really and yes, it was always a tradition for us too -- when i lived there. did get some good sales though and i think i can say i am done shopping for the girls!! that's a good feeling

  2. What?!? You're done shopping for the kids? I'm impressed! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!


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