A Million Bucks

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't you wish that you still thought you looked like a million bucks every time YOU looked in the mirror? I love it that Charlotte is at that age where she loves fancy dresses, all things PINK and will stand in front of the mirror gazing at herself after she is dressed, just convinced that she really  looks that cute. I catch her twirling, smiling and making faces while admiring her outfits in the hallway mirror. She likes to help pick out what she is wearing and will want to wear stripes with polka dots, a tutu on top of a dress and her Snow White dress to Target and on walks around the neighborhood (that was tough, too much tripping!), not thinking a thing of it.
Oh,  how I wish I could wear an orange polka dot bubble skirt, striped tights, pink Converse, red heart sunglasses and think still I looked this good.

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