My Very Last Halloween Post. I Promise.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Okay, this really will be my last Halloween post, I know we are into November now. Halloween was so much fun this year, the kids really enjoyed it and they got the whole trick-or-treating thing. And LOVED it. In the years past we have dressed them up and toted them all around town to see grandparents, aunts, friends, etc. but this year we only did just a little of that. After visiting a few places by car we came back home, let them eat dinner, passed out a little candy and then hit a few blocks just right around our neighborhood. Since this was really Charlotte's first time trick-or-treating I wasn't sure if she would be scared of other kids dressed up or what she would think of it all but she loved every minute of it, and remembered to say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you." She was not to shy to correct people when they called her a princess, she let them know she was a Fairy Princess, thank you very much. Wyatt says he wishes it could be Halloween at least twice a year and thinks there is nothing better than going door-to-door for candy. They were so excited to come home and dump out their bags and despite all that sugar, Batman and the Fairy Princess slept very well!

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