A Little Slice Of Heaven....

Friday, January 29, 2010

If Calgon really could take me away I wish it would take me right here...preferably right now...or at least this weekend, whatever. I couldn't go alone and it looks so girlie and not really kid-friendly, so I would have to take some of my girlfriends. I would take my very best girlfriends, cousins, sisters and sister-in-laws..friends that live close by, some that live way far away,  some that I've known forever and some I know only in this crazy little virtual world. Just a lot of girl talk, good food, plenty of chocolate, wine (actually this little set-up might call for sangria) and no bedtimes, nowhere to be the next  morning..... 
Doesn't it sound just heavenly? 
Okay, so who's in?


  1. *gasp* That is gorgeous! You can totally count me in!

  2. I landed here while visiting blogs on this beautiful Saturday afternoon and I'm in! I want to drink Sangria in that enchanting tent. I'll be right over. Amy Arnaz http://www.themagictutu.typepad.com

  3. Oh, how I wish! Maybe in a few more months...: ) I am totally making or buying, or having someone else make me one of these little tent-canopy things!


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