Our Day:

Monday, February 22, 2010

The fighting started around 8:00 here this morning and I decided we absolutely could not spend the whole day in the house today. No way. By 8:45 they were asking for snacks. Ummm...if you need a snack that early then you woke up too early and therefore ate breakfast way too early. I'm just sayin'. A few hours at the mall was the best I could come up with on this nasty, dreary day so I packed up lunches and that's just what we did.
We got cookies from Mrs. Fields, sat and read some books in the book store, took photobooth pictures, threw pennies in the fountain, successfully avoided the pet store and played in the germ-infested play area. I'm telling ya, I was desperate today.
Often a few hours out in public is guaranteed to produce some complaints and here is mine for the day and then I'm done:
Have you ever noticed that the worst behaved kids in the play areas are the ones whose parents are on their phones or laptops the entire time?  I mean, the entire time....can't be bothered to even glance in the direction of their kids, let alone discipline them. That drives me absolutely crazy.
And that was our day.
The End. 


  1. I understand those kind of days! Sometimes you just got to get out!

    Found your blog linked by someone else I follow. I love the photos.. can't wait to see more!

  2. Ha! Yes...I can relate to this on so many levels! And I almost can't even be around those big play areas due to all the misbehaving children and poor parenting...it drives me insane!

  3. I have yelled at someone else's kids in the play area at Chick-Fil-A. And I didn't feel bad about it either.

  4. Cassie-Thanks for visiting! : )

    Maegan- Glad it's not just me!!!! My kids try to misbehave, sure, but I don't let them.

    Lia- It's very frustrating! I don't enjoy disciplining other people's kids...it's their job! : D


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