A Moment (or two) In Time

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So I did in fact take my picture(s) this morning at 10:00 a.m. sharp for the A Moment In Time project, that I did do. What I did not do: I did not really "plan" anything ahead of time. I kept thinking that something utterly brilliant would come to me...and it didn't. Not at all. And honestly,  I looked at the clock at about 9:52, while on the phone with my sister and realized I needed to get off the phone because I only had a few minutes to get something, anything ready for a picture. It's that whole planning thing again, I'm just not good at it. Not at all.

I did have some flowers though.

This morning Wyatt and I made a quick trip to the store to get a few things and while there I turned my back and he grabbed a bouquet of clearance flowers and put them in the cart. When I saw them he said they were for ME, for Mother's Day. I didn't even mention to him that I was then going to have to buy them for myself, for Mother's Day. That didn't matter, not really. The funny thing is, when we got home he told Charlotte he had a surprise for her; the pink flowers again. She was excited, after all they were pink. Anyway I wrapped them up quickly, grabbed one of my favorite chairs and we headed outside-where it was mostly cloudy. Ugh. And it was 9:58ish. I took a whole bunch of pictures in just a couple of minutes. I really didn't love any, bad lighting, silly faces, bad angles, my fear of the snakes I knew were in the grass, etc.

Help. I need help. I am so indecisive about these pictures. I couldn't even pick one to upload yet so I'm going to do it tomorrow I guess. I usually just like something or I don't but right now I can't pick one.
I know this might look like cheating because I did take a bunch of pictures but I read the guidelines, you can be a minute or two before and after the moment and I was--I was also right on the moment though. And I was super fast.
Tell me if you have a favorite here, I would love some input. I am on Eric's laptop right now, which looks a lot different than mine and it is making it much harder. Oh yeah, and about this laptop....he has a way newer/nicer version if iphoto I never knew he had along with Photoshop. Ummmm...what?  I think he was hoping I would never find out. Too late.
Happy Sunday Y'all!


  1. They are all pretty, but the very first one is my favorite. It has that capture the moment sort of feel, and I think the composition is nicest in it.

  2. Hee hee. I took a few as well. All on my phone. I knew if I got out the Canon I wouldn't be happy with anything. I'm way too picky with Canon. My phone on the other hand...if it's not perfect I use a filter app and call it artsy. Problem solved.

    I had a picture of a plate with ketchup all over it (delete), my kitchen window with dirty dishes showing (delete), a couple of me laying in bed (delete all but one), and some dappled light hitting the floor (kept for use at a later date).

    I like the very top one. It's not staged at all. It just happened. I like that. They are all great...but that top one says more.

    Thanks again for the heads-up on this project. I love photography projects. I love the challenge.

  3. I like the first one the best too!
    Very innocent looking!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. i think the very last one is beautiful. i am in love with that turquoise chair!

    the first picture is great also, but i would go with the last one :)

    good job!

  5. Also plumping for the first one - I like its natural feel and the pretty dress. I had a similar dilemma with about 12 photos of my boys playing football! I'm going to post mine on my blog later this evening if you fancy a peek :) Also, is it ok to feel a bit geekishly excited to be part of something so huge?!

  6. I love #6...but they all look great! I always have a hard time choosing my favorites!

  7. I loooooooove the first one:)
    Kinda shabby-chic.
    Darnit, I forgot all about the 10am thing... !! Ugh!
    Anyhow, these are beautiful:)

  8. I like the first one and the third one. They're all pretty, though.

  9. My favorite one is the last one: the angle, the toes, fingers, her sitting on the chair. I feel it totally captures that innocent look of a little girl.
    And...I do agree they are all very beautiful, and of them would be great!

  10. I meant...ANY of them would be great! :)

  11. I like the last one :) They're all so cute though!

  12. The first is my favorite--something about those toes conveying her emotions without anything else needed (and the colors!)

  13. Decisions. Decisions. I would have a hard time deciding too. They're all really great pictures.

  14. Very sweet pictures! I think my vote is for the first one with the flowers and her sweet little toes. All of them are really precious though :)


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