{Virtual Coffee}

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So here we are, one day late, for virtual coffee this week. I am not actually having coffee since I have been stuck in bed and have not been to the store for about a week now.
Picture this: This morning I am having a cup of Himalayan Apple Spice Yogi tea in my super cute Orla Kiely mug and my little fortune on my tea bag says; "Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness."
I don't have the energy to take a picture and upload it now but I can't stand to post without a picture so I'll find one in my archives...totally cheating, I know. Sometimes when I make my fancy coffee drink with whipped cram and cinnamon I will make the kids a "kiddie-cino" (like a cappucino) which is really just chocolate milk with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. Then we sit and drink them together, they love it.
 So, if we were meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you......

that sitting in bed for days truly sucks. It was nice and peaceful for like the first 1/2 day.

this weekend we have two birthday parties and two graduation parties to go to. I also need to do a cake for my niece's 10th birthday on Friday and need to be figuring out how I am going to decorate it.

I am feeling really guilty about how much Tv my kids have watched the last few days and how little they have been outside. It has been rainy but today it's nice and sunny. It's tough when you are supposed to be in bed and the kids have to entertain themselves....yesterday it looked  like a tornado actually came through our house. Oh well.

I have a confession and don't judge me for it: I can't look away from the show "Tough Love: Couples" on VH1. It's terribly trashy and the people are just so wrong...don't hate me.

Last week I went to an antique store I had not been to for quite a while and found some great things including a green child-size vintage suitcase. It is perfect!  Now I'm looking for a matching blue one. I want the kids to actually be able to use them but I also came up with an idea for a little photo shoot I want to do using the suitcase. I can't wait.
That's all I've got for ya today...kinda boring. So....what would you tell me over coffee this morning?


  1. *makes self comfortably seated with towel turban in hair and coffee later...* :)

    Oh golly. Those coffee pictures of yours always look so good. We never buy whipped cream.:P
    I am SO going to do that with my kids someday, though--the kiddie-cinos? Awesome:)

    Aw, darn, it's been rainy lately? that stinks. Good thing the sun came back. ;)
    That suitcase sounds adorable. Wow.

    Hmmm. I'd tell you (added onto the above, 'cause ya know, it's a conversation) ...that last night I went to bed for the first time before 12:30 ...since like, a week. Golly. That series of 3 books was just too good. Snagged me in. And I still slept in this morning. (darnit) But I'm going to remedy that. Heh heh.
    Wish I could be there for that photoshoot! Can't wait for when you post a few of those pictures!

  2. You have to get better and get out of that bed! This is definitely not the time of year to be down and out.

    Let's see -- I'd tell you that I just found more wonderful thrift store fabric and I can't stop dreaming of all the wonderful possibilities. And, I would be happy to share some with you and we could have a sewing-fest! That's the one thing I crave -- someone to sew with. I have no "real" friends that share this interest, so it's really kind of lonely. Oh well.

    You take care Amy!

  3. I would tell you...I hope you're up running around soon, taking the kids back to the park...or out to coffee instead of having to be in bed.

    And...that my grandson Dylan has been sick since Monday. His mom took him to the doctor yesterday, they think it is a virus. Zoe (my granddaughter) hates that he gets to stay home because she is not a morning person, and would love to sleep in!

    I also would add...I think your suitcase idea for a photo shoot sounds so vintagey adorable. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Feel better soon! :)

  4. I would tell you that no way no how should you feel guilty about the kids & tv thing. Nope, wouldn't let you get away with that. Your kids will be fine!

    The house will eventually be clean again~no worries there either.

    Now this photo shoot~I cannot wait~sounds adorable as are all your pics!

    Also, your niece will forgive you if you order a cake from the grocery. Then surprise her when she turns 10 1/2 with one of your creations. All nieces really need to know is that we love em (so a check or gift card will go a long way with that!)

    Hoping your recuperate soon! Hugs,Cathy

  5. oops, I meant "you" not your~ I am a bad typist! Also, thank you for hosting these little coffee chats~I enjoy them so much!

  6. Don't feel guilty. Really.

    I'd tell you how I'm sick of serving breakfast in my classroom during instructional time. And then I'd rant for a while about personal responsibility and my job description and the public school system.

    Really, I'd just bitch about school.

    And I'd pray for you to shove some coffee cake in my mouth. Because that's infinitely better than talking about school.

  7. That my guilty tv used to be Denise Austin's reality show, that I can't even remember the name of right now. But every time I happened upon it when I was channel surfing I couldn't help but stop and watch and then hours later I would realize I had been watching her trashy ass for hours. WTF?

    And that you definitely need to give up the cake ideas and possibly the parties. If you're supposed to be in bed, party-hopping is NOT going to help you recover. Sorry. I know that;s kind of harsh, but it would suck to make it worse and make your bed "rest" longer.

  8. I always feel guilty about the amount of TV we watch. Tonight it was a V marathon. I don't even like the show but we are hooked and watch it anyway. Isn't that bad?

  9. You can't feel bad for the TV. We all do it. Well I do. Sometimes you just need some entertainment to recoup so that when you are 100% you can put your energy in all the other amazing mommy things you do!
    I love Virtual Coffee! Such a clever idea!

  10. Hope you feel better soon too!


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