You Can Call Me Britney

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last week the kids and I spent a beautiful Spring day down at my parent's cabin with my mom. The weather was absolutely perfect and the kids had a great time, as always. Spring has to be my favorite season at the cabin, everything is turning green and there is just so much to see. We saw fish, turtles, frogs, many, many bugs (including a tick on me 2 days later...gross!) and Wyatt swears he saw a bald eagle. Wyatt takes after his daddy and notices many things in Nature that I don't; he points out deer tracks to me and tells me other little bits of information that I often didn't even know myself. I love that about him.
Although the cabin is less than an hour and a half from home, it is very much a true get-away...and a get-away from all the modern conveniences of home, or some of them. There is no running water, which means no indoor bathrooms, outhouses only. No sinks, we wash our hands in the rain barrel outside and we boil water and wash the dishes in tubs by hand. No showers. There is electricity though; lights, stove, fridge, all that. There is a tv in the upstairs loft where all the beds are but it only plays dvd's, no cable out in the country, folks. As a matter of fact, water is not even available on their road yet. But this is all completely normal to us, we're totally used to it and love it for short periods of time.
One of the kids' favorite things to do when we are getting close to the soon as we hit that gravel road I let them get out of their car seats/booster seat and just ride in the car, it's only for a few minutes...don't worry. They love climbing to the back of our station wagon and looking out or getting up front with me. And yes, I let them sit on my lap and steer, Britney Spears would be so proud.., huh? We, too, are just so country like that. And yes, we will do barefoot in the country and at home but the gas stations? We'll leave that to Ms. Spears, thank you very much.
Fresh air, wide open spaces, a creek, a pond, woods and trails, country roads and yes, even outhouses. We are so grateful for this little spot, this get-away, for ourselves and for the kids because really, is there anything better than riding in the car illegally on a country road or being temporarily disconnected from your regular old day-to-day life? I really don't think so.


  1. Awww, I love how you take pictures of the childrens feet:) It's so cute--love their rain boots!

  2. Awesome.

    I'll admit the no running water would be rough. I like my bath every night. But I would learn to deal with it.

    When I was growing up my grandparents had a little cabin in the country we called "The Ranch". My best childhood memories took place there. And my Papa let me sit on his lap and steer every time.

  3. If it had an indoor toilet, I'd call it paradise. Sounds lovely, though, even with outhouses.

  4. oh! what a beautiful place. your pictures are pure childhood perfection. i love that one of your kids hugging as they admire the water. classic.

  5. This is an awesome post. I realy felt like I was there! I can imagine the glee of your kiddos getting a chance to drive. Just watch out for those ticks -- lyme disease is so common around NYS right now. I'm just paranoid.

  6. What a magical place to be able to get away to.
    Looks like a lot of great memories are made there!
    LOVE the hugging picture!
    Enjoy the day!

  7. such amazing memories & wonderful photos! luv it all!

  8. Dad used to always let us drive once we got down there too, and of course, we HAD to sit on the tail gate of the truck waving goodbye to the farm and telling it we'd see it next time all the way down the lane on our way home. It's so beautiful down there. So many happy memories!

  9. I love your new banner pic with the shoes.... really pretty! I love your blog! awesome pics!

  10. It sounds like camping in a cabin...:) How lucky you are to have a spot you can get away to!
    Your photos are awesome,,,,you truly have a photographer's eye! Lovely!


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