I {Heart} Signs

Friday, June 4, 2010

I do. I love old signs.
I love going through a small town I've never been to before with an old downtown just to check out their cool old signs.
Is that weird?
Maybe I'm just a weirdo that loves old signs.
I just do.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday....any big plans this weekend? 
We are going to a wedding out of town tomorrow and then nothing at all on Sunday. Yay!
And tonight? Ordering in pizza and Friday Night Lights, baby. I love Fridays.

* I realize that figuring out a blog header is not rocket science. Right? Or it shouldn't be. 
I. cannot. make. my. header. pictures. fit. UGH.
 I'm getting so frustrated, they are either too big or too small. 
And I cannot decide on one I like so I keep changing it. 
The humiliating thing is, I think a 10-year old could figure this out quicker than me.
Soooo, please bear with me.


  1. It's looking good! I have a hard time with the header thing as well. I some-what figured it out on my current template, but if I change to the stretch then all goes out the window. I even set up a "practice" blog to try out different configurations.


    I adore old signs!

    I was even thinking of starting an "Old Sign Sunday"...are you game????

    We could partner in the endeavor.

    Have a good one. I'm anticipating a low-key time. Open to possibilities...;-)

  2. My hubby loves PBR, so he'd appreciate that old sign :) He once went to a Barbour shop that gave out PBR to their customers, any time of day. He was a loyal customer until we moved out of that town!
    Those old signs are beautiful, so much character.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. I love old signs too!!
    Love the picture of the suitcases.
    Sorry it is not working out the way you would like...that can be soooo frustrating!!
    Did you try checking shrink to fit???
    Enjoy the night...yeah it's Friday!

  4. I love old signs, too!

    Molly, at Foothill Home Companion, explained the blog header thing in a way that even computer-semi-illiterate me was able to make one quickly and easily! Check it out here:

    I love the new header photo!

  5. I love the auto repair sign, and the Paul one:)
    Old signs are pretty sweet. You're not a weirdo:D
    Oh, and I love your header!

  6. i love the new header! i wouldn't worry about making it any bigger, i would just change the border color (in fonts and colors tab) to be white like the background. then it will look like you made it that size on purpose. but that's just me.

    love all the photos, too.

  7. what fun pictures! that would make a great coffe table book. you should get on that...
    headers--foul me up every time! i always google "how to make a blogger header" and follow someone else's tute. seems to work every time. but it still takes me for.ev.er.

  8. Amy, I think your header looks awesome! I love that picture so much! And I love your pictures of old signs! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  9. I love the old signs too...you seem to have found so many cool ones! I was so frustrated doing my header...it took me forever. Yours looks awesome! I love the suitcases.

  10. Not weird at all...I love signs. These are great. And, about blog headers, they are kind of a pain in the rear.

  11. I like your blog headers -- they look well-done. Don't obsess too much (easy for me to say....I fuss and fiddle a lot too).

    And old signs rock. There is one on an old dilapitated hotel that I keep trying to get my husband to rip off for me (but he won't -- something about getting caught, jail time, etc.).

  12. I love old signs! Well, anything old and vintage will do for me...:)
    I am having a hard time with my banner/header as well. If I click shrink to fit, it takes a section (in the left middle) of my pics and blows it up. Or the other option makes it go over the edges of the actual border line!!! What's with that?? it is a new problem....Ugghh. I am thinking if I would just upgrade to the newest blog version maybe that might solve my problem!?? who knows??
    Your blog photos always look so good though, I wouldn't stress too much over it! :)

  13. Oooh! I {heart} old signs, too!

  14. Just found your blog. Such fun! Your kid pics are great! I have also had tons of trouble with the header thing and blogger. Why isn't there just a spec sheet with the sizes? Argh! I"m going to follow the tips above and maybe finally get around to a new one. Yours looks beautiful!


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