The Unexpected

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm going to sit here a minute while you "Ooooooohhhh" and "Aaaaahhhhhh" over my new header.
Go ahead, I'll wait.
Isn't it nice? Don't you LOVE how it actually fits up there? Me, too!
Not too big, not too small.  Just right.

I would love to take credit for it but I can't, not all of it anyway. Well, the photo is mine and I did the text but that's it.
Today we got home from a wedding out of town, I checked my email and find that Maegan has figured out this header thing for me. She added the cuteness on the sides and made it the correct size. It fits. It's perfect. 
And you now what? It was totally unexpected. She did it just to be nice and helpful. And because she knows I am header-illiterate with a serious lack of technical understanding. It's true. I love unexpected things like this. And really cool friends.

More unexpected goodness before I get to the unexpected not-so-goodness of the weekend.
I talked to my mom Sunday and she was making strawberry pies with the strawberries I gave her the other day. 
She gave us one of the pies to take to Eric's grandma & grandpa's house with us today. A whole pie!
We were celebrating Eric's Grandma Elva's 95th Birthday. 95! 
 So we went, with a card, homemade cards from the kids, a bouquet of flowers and homemade strawberry pie. Yum!
So unexpected and just perfect for celebrating such a big Birthday.

The not so wonderful unexpected of the weekend is that we missed the wedding we were going to out of town on Saturday.All that rushing around, getting everyone ready and getting out of the house on time for our nearly three hour drive... And still we missed the wedding.
First we got a little bit lost and then I got pulled over for speeding.
Oh yeah, and no current insurance card. 
I did not get a ticket although Eric said I should have gotten one just for being a bit of a smart-a@% to the police officer but I was stressed out, hot and lost. And I knew we were not going to make the wedding.
Not at all as we expected the day to go.

So instead we got to the hotel early, the kids got to swim in the pool and got to get as much ice from the ice machine as they wanted. We made it to the reception right on time and had a lot of fun. 
I have to be back in that town within four days to show proof of insurance or I'll get a ticket mailed to me.
That town is about 45 minutes away and has a little beach on the lake so we are going to make a day of it, me and the kids. They are excited and so am I. All because I got pulled over. Oh and in case you get pulled over going 43 in a 30? 
Crying worked wonders for me.  

Oh and the random Volkswagons all over this post? Kind of related and kind of not. 
There was a Volkswagon Fest in the town where the wedding was this weekend.
I was in heaven, so many VW's, so many cool ones to drool over. Completely unexpected.

So, do something completely unexpected for someone this week; your mom,  husband,  your kids, your sister,  your neighbor or a co-worker....anyone.  Just something little, something to brighten someone's day.
Because if you ask me, random acts of kindness? They really do make the world a better place.


  1. Love the new header! Lucky you!

  2. all things considered, a nice weekend.

    love the photos, and your header.

  3. Love the header!!! yesss...

    Love the VW pics, how could I not?

    Love your weekend.

    I've got a plan for the unexpected...but I have to keep it under wraps or that cold soul that keeps cursing my plans with The Mr. might strike again.

  4. Well Miss Amy, you are so welcome for the header! And you know I am a huge believer in good things coming from getting pulled over. But I do kind of have this notion anymore that the cops are just out to get me...they are everywhere!!!

  5. Your header does look great!!
    How do you get the added cute stuff on the edges???:)
    We just got back from a hotel...what is it with kids and ice machines?? I guess they are rather cool!
    Enjoy the night!

  6. #1, I love that new header! Congrats;)
    And #2....the size of your writing for the blogpost is a wee bit too small...the writing before the picture of the back end, anyways.
    Have a lovely Monday night!

  7. Great new header and your VW photos are awesome!

  8. I love your header! Love love love the vintage suitcases. How wonderful to have some help!

  9. I love the new is perfect! It took me so long to do my I have fantasies of a rotating flash header, but it will probably be years before I can make it happen...if ever.
    I LOVE all those VW photos..I really love the last one with the peace sign. Sounds like a crazy but fun weekend!


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