{How To Get Over Yourself}

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday we spent a long day at my brother-in-law's sister's (got that? my sister's husband's sister) cabin.
It is the perfect get-away spot.
Not quite an hour drive.
There's a big pond, dock, kayak, fishing...you name it.
Oh, and cousins.

To be honest, I really didn't feel like going.
I wanted to want to, but didn't really feel like it that much.
You know what I mean?
But I made myself want to go because I knew we would have a great time.
And I needed to get over myself, shake the grumpy mood, get out of the funk.
A day away, far from home, around different people, doing different things can really do wonders.
And it was just what we all needed.

A bad storm came through right when we were getting ready to leave.
We waited out the first one, watching it from the screened-in back porch.
 We left as soon as it started to clear up.
As soon as we pulled out we saw a rainbow.
A huge rainbow. The kind where you can see it from one end to the other.
We pulled over so I could snap a couple quick pictures.
I never see rainbows like this.

We drive a little farther.
A double rainbow.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a double rainbow in real life.
Not like this.
I stopped the car again because Charlotte was having a hard time seeing it from the car.
And while it was sprinkling snapped a few more pictures.

On the way home Wyatt said they had so much fun today that they even "forgot to fight".
Yep, just what I needed.


  1. Great rainbow shots - that is so darn cool. I don't think I have ever seen a double rainbow THAT clear before. Awesome. Glad you had a great day, how could it not be??? They FORGOT to fight! LOL :D

  2. Love that third photo! We saw a double rainbow in Boulder a few weeks ago. And I'll never forget that Ben actually saw his first rainbow while we were visiting Boulder the first time.

  3. Okay. Wow.
    These pictures --in a whole-- are some of your most amazing non-human shots. Ever.
    The double rainbow? Awesome. I've seen fainter half-versions of them. :) Beautiful.

  4. a.mazing! just amazing. you know what rainbows are, don't you. a promise. you needed a reminder this weekend and you got one.

    and...i was laughing out loud before i even read the post. that title was perfect!

  5. Ahhhh, those rainbows are beautiful, but don't even look real! Hard to believe that those things still happen...so fantastic! That little getaway sounds wonderful!

  6. Holy crow, Amy!!! These pictures are gorgeous! Great job! I know exactly what you mean. I tend to have to make myself do a lot...well, pretty much any time I leave the house I have make myself go. But...I'm always glad I did! Glad you had a good time!

  7. I like that and the pictures are amazing! Sometimes we need that kinda day to get over ourselves.

  8. If anything can pull you out of a funk,a double rainbow can,gee i was having a rough morning but just seeing that picture,no wait,all of your pictures,brought a smile to my face and a lift in my heart:0)
    I hope today is a better day for you Amy,

  9. love the pikkies as always...i know what you mean by *funk*- is that an american term- as i never know exactly how to explain it to my hubby when i tell him thats what i'm in....for me it's a weather thing!
    but as we don't have any cousins around for our kiddos0 i'mso glad you went...& did the family thing for those of us who, at the moment, just cant...
    melissa x

  10. so funny that they "forgot to fight!" haha.
    the rainbows are beautiful! what a way to spend the day and get over your bad self. the pics are lovely, too!

  11. Getting over yourself definitely worked in your favor!

    What a great day.

  12. What a beautiful place to get over just about anything!:)
    We are heading to be with the cousins in about 2 weeks...nothing better then cousins!
    Enjoy the night

  13. Those amazing rainbows! Remarkable what a day away with a rainbow thrown in will do for everyone's disposition. I love the moments when the kids give the fighting and bickering a rest. Mine are big teenagers and should know better, but they can't ever seem to give it a rest.

  14. okay, i needed to read this. i've been debating over whether to go away this weekend...i just don't feel like it, but the rest of the family does. we're doing it!

  15. Oh, it looks perfect! And, double rainbows...awesome!!

  16. I have been able to witness some beautiful rainbows (in Maui the ONE time we visited, they occured effortlessly, several times a day!), but I haven't been able to capture them on film as wonderfully as you did here!!
    What a rare gift to witness, especially the double rainbow!! :) Your other lake photos are a blessed treat to see too!!


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