I'll Spare You...Almost.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yesterday was a seriously grumpy, in a funk, nothing-seems-to-be-going-right kind of day.
I could go into all the little things that happened, the annoyances, the things people say that get under your skin.....and I know you would get it.
And agree with me.
And cheer me on.
But I will spare you.

Well, almost.
I will tell you that after car seats and booster seats were shuffled among our cars a couple days ago, I was one short in my car when I went to leave the house yesterday.
Ummm...yeah, that won't work.
After a couple phone calls and searching the whole house for the "missing" seat,  I finally leave and decide to drive about two minutes down the road to borrow an extra from my in-laws.
I know, don't judge me.
So I go to pull out and guess what?
There is a power line down, blocking the road and I can't get around it.
There might have been some serious cussing under my breath....maybe.

Okay, there. I'm done.
And now I will share a few pictures that make me happy and not make me feel like my head might actually rocket right off of my neck.
 Thanks for listening.
Did I just make you feel better about your day?
You're welcome.

I have done basically nothing again today.
Apparently I am having a contest with myself to see how little I can actually accomplish in a day.
I think I'm winning.
Well, we are headed out to play in the hose now, it is so hot.
Anything exciting going on with you? Any inspiring links to send me?
I need something.
Gotta joke?
I'll take it.
Yep, it's that bad, folks.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love those little bloomers :)
    Noting exciting going on here... except Paige bit me today! Seriously! First time, and hopefully the last... And she left a square red mark. Which is kind of funny... no teeth marks, just a little square on my thigh... kind of bizarre!! And I'm shaking my head and laughing about it, but it's really not that funny... maybe you're as tired as I am and might think it's at least oddly funny...
    Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  2. The pic of the bloomers and curls is perfect!

    I've been pissed off most of yesterday and a lot of today, too, because Typepad keeps freezing up and losing the pics that I keep spending hours trying to post. However, I did score a couple of awesome sheets and old glasses at a thrift store this evening, so maybe it's getting a little better.

    The only joke I know is corny, but my kids love it. It's perfect for little boys:

    What kind of bees make milk?

    boobies (hee hee)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. hehehe! lia's joke is funny, especially cause i've never heard it before.

    ok heather, time to get back on track...amy, girl, i.am.feeling.your.pain. i feel like i've had that day every other day lately. but you know what, it is summer and if there ever was a time to do nothing this is it. at least that's what i keep telling myself.

  4. Oh dear - it is the weather! This HOT, STICKY, STUFF is getting O.L.D! :D
    Hang in there.
    I was thinking of you this morning. Pioneer Woman is doing a photo contest for water - You MUST submit a couple of those GREAT shots from your trip! Here is the link:

    You can link up right through Flickr - makes things super easy!
    Remember - tomorrow is a NEW day!
    And Charlotte in those bloomers is the cutest thing EVER :D

  5. I agree with Brooke...the HEAT is killing me too!
    I am so ready for fall!!
    Today pick two things on your list to do and then put on some great music to dance with the kids...always works for me!!:)
    ENJOY the day

  6. Oh my -- you've got it bad! I've been in a funk too and I'm totally blaming the heat. My crabbiness levels are hitting a new high (just ask my kids who've been a bunch of crabs too!).

    What should we do to get out of this funk?

  7. awww..today's a new day, so hopefully the funk is better now! It's been rough over here too, we're getting our floors done in a little over a week, it basically feels like we are moving all over again. Everything has to be packed and out of the bottom half of the house. Have a good day!

  8. Bah! I hope today is better.

    I have a Lone Star for you...but you need to come to Texas to share it. (hint)

  9. Oh dear. That bad?
    Well. Yesterday and today had little parts that just made my head want to "rocket off my neck"....
    I smiled a huge fake smile at my older sister and said in a not-perky-enough voice, "I just LOVE life!!"
    Cute bloomer picture--
    And that brown sugar?
    Is that brown sugar? I love it. :D

    Oh, and a cup of coffee to you:) I'm sending it to you in my head.... heheh.

  10. Awww...sorry your day didn't go well. We all have them, doesn't make them any better. I always find I have those days right after returning home from a vacation. You know the "low" that follows that "high" (from getting the heck out of Dodge)! I prepare myself,,,it will come, but sometimes "life" can make your head feel like it will rocket right off your neck (I had to laugh at your description)!
    The heat makes me grumpy too, and just plain lazy!!
    I hope you are having a happier day today! :)

  11. Oh, I forgot to say, "YOUR pictures..the booth snapshots of you and your kiddos, and the bloomers" would make the dreariest of days a little happier! So cute!

  12. hahhaha...
    the apple sauce jar is full of sand from the beach, not brown sugar. but it does kinda look like it, huh? : )


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