{Ten Years}

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yesterday I was in the upstairs bathroom,  brushing my teeth and getting ready to fix my hair.
From one of the front bedroom windows I could hear Eric and the kids outside playing.
I walked into Wyatt's bedroom, looked out his window,  down onto the sidewalk and saw Eric pushing Wyatt on his bicycle (minus the training wheels) and Charlotte running up and down the sidewalk behind them.

Yelling, laughing, patience and encouragement is what I saw and heard.
Pure happiness.
Right then I stopped and realized that this is exactly what I wanted and what makes me so happy.
Exactly where I want to be in my life.
Eric with a day off of work, outside playing with the kids, a happy, healthy family, a wonderful husband and father...just right.

It also didn't hurt that I was getting ready to go out to dinner, at my favorite restaurant, just the two of us,  the kids going to spend the night at their grandma & grandpa's and the weather was absolutely perfect.

It also didn't hurt that I had time to run a couple of errands by myself, actually fix my hair,  put on make-up and lipstick, paint my nails and pick out the perfect jewelry to wear for my date.

I was not one of those girls that dreamed of her wedding day, not really at all.
What I did dream of was some day being married, having a family and a house and a life together.
Sometimes it takes big days like an anniversary, or little moments like looking out the window at my little family outside,  to realize that I have exactly what I always wanted, no complaints.
I am a lucky girl, very lucky.

We had a great dinner, out on the deck looking at the lake, just the two of us.
Being related to the Chef definitely has it's benefits;  we got to choose what we wanted to eat, not order off of the menu like the common-folk, appetizers were sent out along with a super-fancy dessert of fondue and mini-cheese cakes, strawberries and mini-brownies.

And since no anniversary or sappy wedding reminiscing is complete with out music,  I love
this Jack Johnson song that I call "The Anniversary Song"...take a listen, it' just perfect.

Happy Thursday to you!

P.S. Eric did not want his feet in that picture at all but he did it for me, and it's a good thing as none of the pictures I tried to take of the two of us turned out at all!


  1. Happy belated Anniversary :)
    This was so sweet... what a wonderful tribute to you two!!
    (love that song...)

  2. oh amy- i am sooo like you - i did not dream of a big wedding day but i did dream of a soul mate- i love that eric's toes are in the photo for you....no other reason!
    i am vicariously living through your evening- it really doesn't get better does it....
    very happy for you lovely
    melissa xxx

  3. happy days to you all, wonderful, enjoy and feel loved xx

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. happy ann., girl! i enjoyed your words here, for many of them i'm familiar with. ...never dreamed of my wedding, love my life right now...
    love to you.

  6. I loved the part about your hubby not wanting to put his feet in the picture. . .so relate!! David just rolls his eyes at this whole blogging thing!

  7. awww..this is so sweet! Happy Anniversary to you!! I really love that one with your toes and that bruschetta..yum!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and the dear hubby!! Beautiful posting...:) I always love your photos (your words were very beautiful too), so pretty!
    I hope you both share many more happy anniversaries to come!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love the pic of your shoes! Super cute.

  10. Happy anniversary!
    My sis and I went to a bookstore and out to lunch with two ladies who've been friends since they had little children...both married for around 42 years. It was amazing! :)

  11. What a sweet post.

    Happy Anniversary! May it be just the beginning...


  12. happy anniversary!

  13. THAT sounds like a perfect day. I know what you mean about feeling such an overwhelming feeling of contendness, or maybe gratitude is a better word, that it just brings tears to your eyes. Happy anniversary!
    Dave and I are celebrating our 10 YEARS in October. Man, does it fly!

  14. Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more ;-)

  15. Happy belated anniversary! Sounds perfect!


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