Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I took the kids bowling today for the first time.
 I spent a whole $3.50 for three games and three pairs of shoes.
They played Bon Jovi and I had some serious High School flashbacks.
Lunch was greasy bowling alley food.
I wish the bowling alley was completely stuck in the 70's instead of just half-way out.
We were in Lane 24 and the ball got stuck almost every other frame.
The worker loved us for that.
Now I want to go on a double date to the bowling alley, drink beer and listen to bad music.

The rest of the day will be spent in the air-conditioned house.
The humidity is horrible and has been for a couple of weeks now.
There is a heat advisory again today.
The afternoon will most likely involve sitting in front of the tv and eating popsicles.
I'm done trying to think of things to do that doesn't  involve sitting in front of the tv.
It's just too hot.
I give up.

The kids are now going out back and getting roly-poly bugs and crickets, putting them in jars and bringing them back into the house.
I know this means they will be loose in the house within the half hour but I really don't care.
It's too hot. I'm over it.

Bowling alley lighting is not the greatest and is quite possibly the worst.
It makes for not -so-good pictures.
Tell me, what are you doing to keep your sanity in this heat? Or rain?
Just please don't tell me it's 80 where you are with a nice breeze.
And if you do, just act like you're sick of it or something.


  1. Your photos are fab! Its very humid too, over here in France :(

  2. great pictures, now I want to take my kiddos bowling.
    we have been sick here so the TV has most definitely been on all day, Brutal!

  3. I love all these shots at the bowling alley. You make me want to go bowling!

  4. I love your photos! And no it is most definitely NOT 80 and breezy. It's 90 something and seriously humid. ANd it has been raining each day, so going to the pool hasn't even been an option. Luckily, though, my kids are older and we have two sets of neighbors with two boys each. SO there has been lots of playing out in the rain and very little whining about being bored. Having neighborhood kids to play with makes a huge difference!

  5. I'd love to tell you what I'm doing to keep my sanity...but I'm afraid I'm not keeping my sanity! Cute retro pics!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun :)
    We're entering the hot and humid again after a two day hiatus. And it blows. I'm hoping for the beach tomorrow, but I've got a touch of the flu... so who knows. Lots of TV :(

  7. wonderful photos and sounds like a wonderful day. we went to the mall to keep cool today but it was hot there too.

  8. Ah, that looks like fun! Not the heat, not the humidity, dangit, but bowling? And the pics? CUTE! And oh so vintagey:)

  9. These photos are like CANDY! They are absolutely perfect.

    Nicely done friend!


  10. I understand what you mean about the heat. We have horrible humidity here. I am going on 8 months preggo too, so I make it a goal to stay inside as much as possible. :) My son and I have been watching t.v. mostly and playing with toys, eating popsicles, and pretty much 'lounging' around all day. Cute bowling pics hun!

  11. adore the pikkies- as always- love the lighting and the fact that if i was in the lane next door- we could ignore all the kiddos and have a flashback and sing-off otgether...those shoes are the coolest!
    well we are not in the heat- as you well know from my *confession* today! but we do have a bit of the ol'box involved as its just tooo wet to keep getting out!
    so thinking i may now have to start going for ferris bueller or the breakfast club to keep them cultured!!
    what do you think??
    melissa xx

  12. LOVE your pix as always! The ballerinas have been bugging us to go bowling for weeks now. I think tonight may be the night BSD promised them too. I LOVE bowling! And seeing your pix makes me want to get out there and knock down some pins.

    We've been battling major heat/humidity too. It's turning me into a total slug. I feel lazy and grumpy. Not motivated to finish up my projects or anything. I'm not helping much, am I?

  13. We haven't gone bowling in so long.
    Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.
    As for the heat...we have been spending a lot of time in the basement!!
    Enjoy the night...I think I saw cooler temps/lower humidity coming our way...

  14. The heat has been horrendous here. We've been having lots of popcorn & movie days, cleaning out closets and finding cool stuff days, making odd art out of old boxes days, and taking long naps (my favorite kind of days.)


  15. I love these pictures Amy. They are so cute. That first one especially. I happen to love bowling. Fun times!

  16. These are great.

    Our fam should go bowling more often. It is mad fun.


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