{A Lovely, Lazy Little Wednesday}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So this morning my little guy woke up with a sore throat 
(and a little whiny which is just not like him) saying he did not feel well.
 A little breakfast and straight to the couch for cartoons. He then wanted to call
 his daddy who was on his way to work to let him know he was "calling in today".
My first thought was; Are we really calling in sick so early in the year? 
and my second thought was; 
Wooohooo! we're staying home all day in our pajamas! 
Did I mention it was pouring?
If you have to feel bad at least it was a great day for it.

He ended up feeling just fine by late morning but it's one of those things where
 you're just not sure how bad it is first thing in the morning.
He probably would have been just fine at school.
But I called him in and I must say, we have had the best, most lazy day, ever.
We needed it. All of us.
Lots of cartoons, books in mommy's bed, legos, hot wheels, art time and more books.

So after lunch I got sat down at the dining room table and turned on a little Bob Marley.
Instead of telling the kids we should make some new Fallish art  for our little art line
 in the dining room, I got out paper, markers and colored pencils and one of
 our bowls of acorns and began to draw.
In a matter of seconds they were pulling up chairs, asking what I was drawing,
 why I was looking at the acorn and they wanted to draw, too.

We drew sunflowers, acorns, leaves, birds and ate candy corn.
Today is the first official day of Fall you know.
We had to celebrate.
"Three Little Birds" came on and Charlotte got so excited
 (recognizing it from the commercial on Noggin), she danced in her seat and said;
"This song makes me so happy!"
I told her it made me happy too and we had to play it at least five more times.

I got this old wooden Pepsi crate at a little shop in Indiana last week for $6.
I put loose paper, a pad of paper, markers and a bowl of candy corn in it
and set it in the middle of the dining room table for easy access.
You never know when you're going to feel like drawing...or eating candy corn.
I'm joining in with Heather's Life Made Lovely Monday today (a few days late).
Check out more of the loveliness here.

Life Made Lovely
Hope you are having a lovely day but if it wasn't completely lovely,
I hope you get to enjoy a lazy evening!


  1. Sounds perfect. I can just picture you all coloring and singing along...and that song does always seem to put you in a good mood! And pajamas all day plus rain are one of my favorite combos of all time!!!

  2. Love it!
    Sometimes everyone needs a day to "call in"!
    Happy FALL!!!!!
    Enjoy the day

    LOVE the crate!

  3. i love a sick day that is not-so-sick! i miss 'em!

  4. My kids love Bob too! They heard Little Bob on Noggin, so the hubby downloaded it for them... it means we get a car ride with music that we like too! Love your crate, your artwork and the hubby just walked at the back of me and said 'cool pictures'... so there you go... everything you do is cool. Lx

  5. ah, 3 little birds is my son's favorite song, Bob Marley is our car ride music.

  6. okay, so i'm sitting here in the silence of the morning, anticipating the time when i must wake my children for school. and a part of me is saying...let's just skip today. and sleep. and lounge. and i read your post and i think it's giving me permission! which might not be a good thing! but i just sounds so...perfect.

  7. I love the Pepsi box idea. I may have to look into something similar for my lovely ladies.

    I heart a great skip day. And what's funny is, sometimes when I was teaching, I'd recommend them to parents. Like when they had a kid that was easily stressed about school and it was taking its toll or to the parents who have family coming in from out of town. Never underestimate the power of a day off from everything!

  8. precious amy! i've been ordered to make pumpkin bread by maddie so we'll have some "fall" in our house as well! love the pepsi box!

  9. We call those mental health days. . .and to be honest with you mom looks forward to them as much as the kids. I am such a push-over for keeping them at home. . .and they know it!

    Love, pj days!

  10. Sweet post! I remember these days with my girls...:) fun memories!
    I hope your little guy is feeling better. It's that time of year, when the little ones are together at school, sharing everything that goes around. I try to have the grand kids wash their hands right when they get home from school, if I remember!
    p.s. love that pepsi box, what a great idea you had for it!

  11. oh wow, that day sounds so wonderful! I am also craving candy corn now! I love how you and the little ones spent the day, I feel inspired to have a fall fun day!

  12. Love the pepsi box :) Hope your little one is feeling better. I've had a poorly boy today too. non-stop bugs from school.

  13. OooooH! Love the Pepsi box! I am somewhat of a Pepsi addict... We have mental health days here too, although my middle daughter refuses to take one, even when I beg her! :) Love Three Little Birds! I had to put it on my player, 'cause I HAVE three little birds.

  14. Sounds like the perfect morning. I love your creativity. (And the Pepsi box.)

  15. YAY - I love it all!!! The pics, the SONG!, the drawing, that CRATE!, and most of all CANDY CORN! I must stop and get some. I try to hold off as long as possible every fall... but it IS time :D

  16. Perfect day if you ask me. Candy corn, rain, drawing and Bob Marley. What's not to love?

  17. I need one of those days.

    Last year while The Mr. was in Japan, all me and The Offspring all got swine flu at the same time. In a weird way, it was fun because we all cuddled up on the couch, watching Mulan and eating popcorn. Sometimes I miss it.

    Love that song too!

  18. i'm STILL asking amy...
    when can i move in next door!!!!
    i love that your life is like my life....
    but ours in in an old italian fruit box on the big old table and yours is in a very cool pepsi box!

    what a buy $6!!!!

    happy friday honey...

    melissa xx

    p.s- i love them being home- sick & all!! xx


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