{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So it really, really feels like Monday.
Does it to you, too?
 But it's not, it's Tuesday, so let's have coffee.
I made a mocha this morning, what are you having?

So if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

 Well first I would ask you how your Holiday weekend was....what did you do?

Then I would tell you that we spent the night Saturday at the cabin/Farm and had a 
wonderful time,  so much fun.
The weather was actually perfect, temps were in the 70's, sunny, blue skies....just perfect.
I love this time of year and wish that it lasted for about half the year. 

I would tell you that yesterday Eric and the kids were gone for several hours and I got a
 lot done around the house.
I went through boxes of clothes, some drawers and closets and made some real progress.
I am in the midst of some serious Fall Cleaning and it feels good. I have clothes to pass 
on to friends, as well as clothes and toys to donate....time for a good purge.

I would tell you that that I really, really want this new Lisa Leonard necklace. How cute is that!?
Don't you think that if I enter every single give-away of hers that one day I will win?
One day.......But in the mean time you should go enter too,  her stuff is very cool.

that yesterday while Eric and the kids were gone and I was cleaning, rearranging and
organizing I was craving a beer...an ice cold beer. I looked at the clock: 4:00.
Too early?
I never drink during the day, I'm much too old for that.
I quickly decided it wasn't too early so I opened up a Blue Moon (just one)
turned up Stevie Nicks a little bit louder and went back to work.

Well, that's it around here.
More work to do around the house today...unfortunately laundry is on the top of the list.
Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. hi amy... well, after a couple weeks of trying, i finally made it :) i have no idea why my link has that 39 in it. oh well! i am envious of your weather! here in sw florida it is still pretty steamy, although it was nice of hurricane earl to steal the humidity for a few days as it rolled on by! i hope you win that lisa leonard necklace! i won't enter any more so you can win, ok? i knwo you are thinking- oh how nice! but not really... i just received something special in the mail that i feel the need to wear every day... so no need for another necklace! hope your tuesday is happy! thanks for the coffee visit!

  2. it totally feels like monday. that and the fact that my kids start school on two different days this week, is going to totally throw me off and have me confused all week.

    i never win any of lisa leonards necklaces. i think shes holding out on me.

  3. That mocha looks delicious! I'm hoping too be as productive today as you seem to have been. I need to purge...bad. Maybe I need that beer... It looks really good too!

  4. It really does feel like Monday so knowing it is already Tuesday is definitely a big plus! Lovely post - beautiful photos too.

  5. Ah. Mocha. Nice!
    I had my normal, a few times over. Regular with a big of milk. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the softball game tonight, or stay home with Gram... Hmm. :)

  6. I'd love for you to make me a coffee mocha drink thing :) Yours always look so yummy!!!
    Those photos are gorgeous. And I totally understand about the feeling of a good clean out.
    (and apparently I can't spell my name in the linky. Did you know my name is now Corinee? ;))

  7. whenever I have any amount of time by myself, I'm always too selfish and never want to do any housework, so good for you for tackling fall cleaning.

  8. that necklace is absolutely adorable!! I love coming here Tuesdays (well, every time I come here, really, but Tuesdays virtual coffees are awesome!)

  9. Big time felt like Monday. Big time.

    And it's always 5:30 somewhere! Drink up!

  10. i want you to win that gorgeous necklace...

    and i want to drink beer and dance stevie nicks with you!!!

    oh and i'd tell you- with my chai in hand....that all my kiddos are HAPPY and at SCHOOL!
    that makes me a VERY happy....proud mama!

    melissa x

  11. i adore your virtual coffee! love your pics!! hugs, Cathy

  12. Hey Amy! Thanks again for having me for coffee yesterday. It's really becoming something to look forward to.

  13. Hey! I read this in the AM and linked up BUT forgot to comment - shame on me :D I remember reading this post first thing in the morning WITH my cup of coffee and feeling a tad guilty that I was suddenly craving a Blue Moon! One of my FAVS! :D Thanks for hosting.... I am enjoying this new routine!!


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