Monday, November 8, 2010

I absolutely love not-too-busy, not-too-planned, fun yet still relaxing weekends.  
that's just the kind of weekend we had.

friday night:: the guys went to the science fair at school while the girls stayed home
and popped popcorn and watched charlotte's web in our pajamas. 
saturday morning:: was my sister's birthday and my parent's anniversary. so my sister, charlotte
 my mom and i had a girl's day out. we started off at a brand-new adorable little bakery for coffee
 and pastries (yum) then headed downtown for a little shopping. mostly window shopping with some 
treat-shopping at the popcorn shop. then my sister and i set out  to do a little antiquing on our own as she is looking for a vanity for my niece. we headed south about a half hour or so out of town and
hit several of our favorite antique stores. we didn't find a vanity but did find some other treasures including
 an old-school fisher price school house i have been looking for.
the day was a success, and we both scored several things we could not pass up'
saturday night:: eric and i made a quick get-away for mexican then stopped at our neighborhood
bar for a quick beer. no sleeping over at grandma's this time,
so we were on a bit of a tight schedule but sometimes 2 1/2 hours away is all you need.

it was just perfect.

sunday morning:: coffee and waffles and cartoons and nowhere to be until 2:00. 
baths and showers and some laundry and a tiny bit of housework but still very relaxing.
sunday afternoon:: dinner at my parent's house. 
dinner and dessert and presents and the cousins all playing together.
 beautiful weather, beautiful day.
sunday night:: due to time change kids in bed by 7:00 p.m. (hahahaha)... 
eric and i had a late dinner together,
 i worked on editing some pictures and we got caught up on survivor.

not-so-lovely part of the weekend?
thinking something had seriously happened to my camera as all my pictures were coming out blurry.
it wasn't focusing, panic was setting in....ummm...hi...the camera accidentally got switched to manual. 
yes, i do want to learn to shoot in manual, but i'm not there yet and i would like to learn
 to do it on purpose, not because i think my camera is broken.
i was trying to get a picture of the gorgeous sunset on our way home and this is what i got...
blurry and manual and still just a little bit gorgeous.

a perfectly lovely weekend and by perfect i mean perfect enough for me...
which isn't really perfect at all but still quite lovely, if you ask me.
i hope you had a great weekend full of many perfect or not-so-perfect moments!

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see you tomorrow morning for virtual coffee!


  1. love these pics....having no plans is the best plan...:)

  2. Visiting from Blessed Little Nest. I just finished looking at your Flicker Photos.....gorgeous!

  3. Those bottom two are amazing - and blurry is what makes them awesome.

  4. I love those weekends.

    We are having one of those this next week. I've scheduled it.

    Sometimes the blurry is beautiful.

  5. A girl's day out with vintage scores. Dinner and a beer w/the hubs. Yes, I'd say your weekend was pretty perfect. :)

  6. Wow... lovely blurry photos!! I use a broken camera... clearly broken LCD screen... anyway... challenging. Hope it is not too serious! so frustrating! but... Lovely lovely weekend! love a good junk shop!! ;) fun finds! pics???

  7. Beautiful weekend Amy!
    We had a rather relaxing one too.
    Must be something in the air around here...it has been rather gorgeous lately!!
    Enjoy the day

  8. That sounds like a delightful weekend. Not-so-planned weekends are popular around here, too. Also, 2.5 hours IS sometimes just enough.

    Great pictures. Blurry sunset pictures are always a plus in my book.

  9. Enjoying the PERFECTION of life--- what a beautiful thing!!! Your gorgeous sunset pictures capture perfection in a way you never could have planned---- beauty in the MOMENT!!! Right here right now... it's PERFECT! Thanks for encouraging me remember that! :)

  10. Yes, beautiful blurry-ness! And that pie makes my tummy growl!

  11. Best weekend ever!! You're right sometimes getting away for a few hours is still amazing. Love just being in the moment. x

  12. i think your weekend definitely sounds perfect, and the sunset...lovely!

    when you say manual do you just mean the focus? what settings do you use to get such amazing photos?

  13. sounds like a really great weekend! little bits of time shared with those you love... makes me smile!

    and yeah... those last pics are kinda beautiful. so glad your camera is not broken :)


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