Let's Pretend....

Friday, January 21, 2011

that today there is nothing but ...

popsicles, peeling noses
sun hats
strawberry picking
and beautiful sunsets

pretty flowers 
wading in the creek
 homegrown tomatoes
and family camp-outs

lots of ice cream
spending the day in the water
state fairs

exploring in the woods
and impromptu picnics

The reality is that it's been a rough week, the temperature this morning was in the negative degrees, 
it's only January 21 and I am over Winter. It's official.
I am dreaming of a girl's night out and/or a bottle of wine all to myself.
Or packing my bags and escaping to somewhere warm.
Or, more realistically, packing my bags and driving to a hotel an hour away from home
 for the night. By myself. Well, at least it's Friday.
Where would you like to be today?


  1. Oh man those pictures really make me miss summer!

  2. It's bright and sunny here today - and yesterday as well - let's hope so for tomorrow too. Come on over - extra bed and bottle of vino always waiting for welcome visitors. Have a great weekend.

  3. My heart wants more! {It's all bundled up trying to escape the negative 20 wind chills. NEGATIVE!!}

  4. i want to pretend that too!
    those pictures are amazing.
    yeah, it's pretty outside but i really really hate how it freezes your nose.

  5. i'm feeling ya today! i've been home ALLLLL week with BOTH kids sick. i thought today may be a day to get out and DO something, but no. i'm lookin' at throw up and bed wetting and yeah. i'd rather be wandering target, having lunch with my friends (which i had to miss today & wednesday) and i'd really even love to go to the gym. BUT this is the day that the Lord has made, so I'm choosing to keep joy in my heart ;) the gym can wait.

  6. love it - thank you for bringing me some summer time!!

  7. Come to Arizona! We had popsicles yesterday! but i suppose that is kinda mean to mention...:) Hope you find some warmth. beautiful pics.

  8. Your post always hit home to me. I can agree-so over winter! And I loved looking at your photos!

  9. Oh, I so know how you feel. I can't wait until spring is here. Thanks for sharing a bit of summer with us!

  10. Oh-- those pictures. I'm with you. I am SO with you.

  11. I'm with you. I am sooooo over winter too. I'd just like to see the sun again!

  12. give me some of those strawberries and i'd be good.

  13. I would like to be in any one of your photos. I'm over the whole idea of winter too. *sigh* I have to just grin and bear it because this is where I live right now and there is currently no escape.

  14. This post makes me ache for sunshine and sand under my feet... oh summer!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sigh. It's not even that terribly cold here, and I'm so over winter. It doesn't help that we've all had the sniffles for a month now!

  16. like you Im dreaming of warmer times, I long to be in the garden in spring when everything is fresh and new. Enjoy your wine and remember every day you are one step nearer your dream

  17. I can't wait fo summer either, but we have to remeber that without winter, would we appreciate that glorious hot and sunny weather as much? Even so, roll on summer :) Longer days, beautiful flowers and day's spent on the beach xxx

  18. I needed this little flash of summer

  19. This really makes me sigh... I'm so done with winter myself, which isn't so good with maybe about 2 more months to go... I'd rather be somewhere warm and sunny now, but I would also join you for the girls' night and bring a bottle of wine... ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. ok... ok... here I am down in Florida... it's in the low 50s... but I secretly wish to be in a big pile of snow... or sitting by the fire with a big window to drink some hot tea and watch the snow falling... I sometimes wonder if I am depriving our girls from the seasons... from a life of constant change in nature... from forests.. I know it's amazing to be in Florida but sometimes I do wonder what life would be like if we had to wear mittens... although today we do have jackets on! (wind jackets)

  21. I'm pretending right along with you, Amy. I could really use a girl's weekend away or a whole bottle of wine to myself also.

    I love that picture of you. Did you take it yourself?

  22. Kim- If I am ever in a photo I probably took it myself...or wyatt did (on occasion) or if it's a group/family photo i probably did it with the timer. so yeah, i took it : ) and thanks!


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