24 Hours.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just looking at these pictures makes me feel like I am breathing in fresh country air again.
Our quick little family get-away at the cabin is just what we all needed.
Saturday it was so nice, we didn't even need coats outside. No coats in February!
The sun was shining and the ground was as muddy as we expected, but we were outside.
I realize Winter is not near over for those of us in the Midwest, but a nice day where the kids
 and grown-ups can run around outside is absolutely priceless this time of year. 
Today was chillier and not quite as sunny, so thankfully we had yesterday. 

Playing with cousins, walking along the creek, feeling the warm sun and a day away from home without all the usual distractions. Homemade pizza and apple pie and beer. 
No traffic, a beautiful sunset and boys getting to pee off the front porch. 
Just what we needed.
But in the spirit of keeping it real, twelve people in one cabin can be a little close for comfort. 
I have certainly slept better than I did last night, a little crowded and loud with 8 other people up in the loft with me, and I think I lost a boot at least two times in the mud yesterday. 
I also lost my lens cap out in the woods and although outhouses aren't the worst thing in the world, 
I was happy to get home to running water and a shower. 
But it was all worth it, it always is.


  1. That trip sounds wonderful!!! I felt like I was right there just looking at the pictures! We camp next weekend and look forward to enjoying the nature as well.

  2. One night sounds just about right. Long enough to appreciate home again.

  3. kids and mud...perfect combination...
    Have a happy night

  4. There is nothing a bit of fresh air can't cure. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to escape to. Your images and words have made me yearn to go there too!! x

  5. gosh, those are beautiful pictures!
    today for us was SO darn dreary. no kidding. :/
    i love how singular days like friday (for us) give us midwesterners hope in the midst of a horrid winter syndrome. hehe:)

  6. homemade pizza and apple pie and beer. sounds like heaven to me. Love that 4th picture!

  7. Sounds like a great escape. It sure looks pretty!

    And I agree...bathrooms are nice. A lot nice.

  8. This sounds really wonderful, as are your photos! :-)

  9. Amy, your pictures are absolutely beautiful, and your trip sounds lovely, especially after all the snow and cold weather y'all have been having. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  10. this is a nice idea and this looks like a great day of fun and adventures, I will keep this idea in mind


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