{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello Tuesday morning.
Hello nice, hot cup of coffee that I am really going to need because I have a super long day ahead of me.
Hello week that might get into the low 60's this week (you know that's about 60* higher than last week, right?). Hello Virtual friends... and non-Virtual friends.

So if we were really meeting for coffee today....

I would ask what you did for Valentine's day? Anything fun? I must say, Valentine's day has never been one of my most favorite days as an adult but having kids has definitely made it more fun. Buying and writing out school Valentine's, making lots of painted glittery hearts and homemade Valentine's, decorating the house...I kinda like it. Yesterday morning Charlotte and I had a morning date at our favorite little coffee shop near our house. Nothing like coffee and a cinnamon roll with my girl. She loved getting to dress up "fancy" and that she got to pick out a special treat for her and her brother there.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning you would definitely notice my hair cut. Well-maybe not...but if you didn't I would be sure you did. Then I would tell you that Eric gave me my Valentine's day present early, Friday night.  He surprised me with a gift certificate to a fancy little hair salon and scheduled the appointment for me for Saturday morning. The place is in the city where he works, about 45 minutes away. I met one of my cousins for lunch, did a little shopping and had most of the day to myself. Now that's what I'm talking about! Oh and when I got in the car to leave he had this cd waiting for me, too. I know, right? He's more thoughtful than me most of the time.

Well, I need to be going because today I am watching my friend's kids because she had a daycare emergency...her sitter's kids have been sick for a few days. So I will have an extra four-year old and a
6-month old baby here today. I really need to get up to the attic and drag down the pack-n-play and hope that maybe I still have an exersaucer up there...? I haven't taken care of a baby for that length of time for quite a while now....so wish me luck!

I know this picture was in my little collage yesterday but I had to post the full size one because these two looked so cute yesterday. Fancy shoes and heart tights, ruffles and polka dots...gotta love all that pink!

Thanks so much for joining me for coffee today!
Last week I did not get around to visiting everyone that linked up but I am really going to try to tonight.
Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Oh! Next time pop that fab chair into your little brown paper bag along with the cinnamon roll. Love it!

    What a sweetie your hubby is! Now we need to see pix of your new do. :)

    And, a day of pink and hearts and ruffles? Nothing better.

  2. i want to see your new 'do, too! those little legs in their oh-so-cute tights and silver slippers are precious!! i miss those days of dressing them up!! my daughter threw a flower clip in her hair to complement her jeans & red tee, and that was the extent to her valentine ensemble :) the day was kind of no big deal here... although it was an excuse to go out for tacos last night!!! maybe next year we'll have more of a celebration, but... maybe not!

    good luck today!!! a baby? yikes!!! i am so out of practice!

  3. I love the little heart tights. So cute. Good luck on that babysitting. :)

  4. What a cutie! She's beautiful! And that is a real sweet hubby you've got. I love Bon Iver and a day to yourself, including a trip to a salon? Awesome! So glad you had a good Valentine's weekend!

    P.S. YEAH show the 'do!

  5. Love your pics! Aww - your Valentine's Day sounds super special! We here had a great one too - with my boys - and then with the hubby for a much needed 'date night'. ;) You can check more out at my blog. ;)

  6. Had to go check out that cd...thanks for sharing.

  7. You are a brave one to take on two more kidlets and a 6 month old at that! Sounds like you had some great surprises for V Day - one day I am going to find me a person to love me like that! And hurray for rising temperatures. It is still -29 with the windchill here today although they are promising above freezing temps by the end of the week. Frankly, I may go ahead and have my nervous break down before then...

  8. that pic of charlotte on the big red chair is so amazing in many ways. her expression is priceless. i love mommy/daughter times too, getting sweet treats. and what a thoughtful husband! he really put effort into his ideas to make you feel special. good job hubby.

  9. you are such a lucky lady to have such a thoughtful hubby!! and that photo of girls...LOVE it!

  10. What a nice gift from your hubby! Very sweet.
    The photo of your daughter in the chair is really cute. That chair is awesome!!! :)

    Your (older) post with the sun coming in the kitchen window was amazing. I loved the mood of those! Great captures!!!


  11. what a fun day your hubby gave you! I'm joining you today for coffee! so glad you had a fun time yesterday :)

  12. What a great Valentine's Day! I was never a fan either until I got married and had kids.

    Good luck with the babysitting (by now you're halfway done :-) I'm sure you did GREAT!

    Have a wonderful rest of the day.

  13. show us some photos of your new do! sounds like the weekend was fun! love the photo of your girls! good luck today!!

  14. What an absolute lovely Valentine's gift!!

    And we need pictures of the haircut! :)

  15. That really sounds like a perfect day! I love your photos - so beautiful!

  16. ahh, i'm loving the weather.
    hope you have a good day!
    i blogged about my v-day :) http://miraclesdontbreakthelawsofnature.blogspot.com/2011/02/happy-happy-happy-valentines-day.html
    today's one of those not-so-good days, though. kinda sucks. :P

  17. Glad to hear you had a nice valentine's day! Mine was also nice and involved trying a new restaurant in a new town :) I had the most delicious seafood pasta.

    Oh, and your husband is the sweetest for booking you in for a nice haircut... surprise like that are the best!

    Thanks for meeting for coffee! Chat with you again next week!


  18. I want to live in your blog. It's super cozy and smells like vanilla.

  19. Wooooo!! 60s!! Can you woo that weather to stay around until I get home? ;)
    And what a sweet hubby. That was SO thoughtful of him. Preplanning always impresses me.

    Thanks for coffee today. And I love your super cute last picture. Totally worth posting in fullness.

  20. This is the first time I've ever linked up to any blog before. And I forgot to link back to you. Eeeeks. I'll do better next week. I love the idea of virtual coffee. Thank you!

    Love from Missouri!

  21. Love that CD. It was on heavy rotation this summer.

    Glad you had a great V-Day.

    And yes, your hair is fab, dahling.

  22. yummy. I really love this idea and link up :) I guess I have to come up with one for this week, I have been so busy and away from blogging. :)


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