{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good morning.
Happy Tuesday to you and thanks so much for stopping by for coffee this morning.
If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you to come here. My house is still pretty clean from the baby shower on Saturday and we know that's not gonna last forever, so...Pick up your 
coffee and come on over. Or I will make you some.
What are you having this morning?

So, I survived the shower and the weekend and the bathroom and the whole crazy week for that matter.
By the time Sunday rolled around I was tired and worn out and stayed in my pajamas all day long.
I didn't even leave the house...only stepping outside on the front porch a couple of times...that's it.
It was much needed.
And lucky for me, Eric took the kids to lunch at his parent's house and then to Target so I had a few hours to myself on Sunday. He also let me sleep in and went and got me coffee when I got up because we were out at home. I know, he is one seriously sweet husband, right?

Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures, kinda hard when you are hosting I guess.
I didn't even get a good picture of the cute banner I made for the nursery or the yellow and white one
I made with vintage fabric scraps from a huge fabric box my mother-in-law recently gave me.
This is some of the fabric I used though, taken last week when I was cutting it out:
I love the floral one in the middle. So 70's looking to me.

If we were really meeting for coffee today at my house you would have to go check out my new bathroom. But really, you wouldn't truly appreciate it if you didn't  see how nasty it was before.
Ugly and embarrassing. Green tile on the walls. Gross floor.
And my favorite part is that the huge vanity/sink is gone and suddenly our (already too-small) bathroom looks like it doubled in size. Love that.
So the Great Big Bathroom Remodel took one week exactly and although there was a plumbing problem Friday and a plumber had to come and it was getting pretty ugly around here by Saturday, it did not end in divorce somehow. whew.

My mom made little baby bootie mints for the shower. I told her it was not 1987 and we did not
have to have the mints or little baby bootie nut cups but she insisted. I didn't argue. Wyatt made most
of those little nut cups up there on the cake stand and he was so proud of himself, it was pretty cute.
Don't you love how just knowing that you are having company motivates you to really get stuff done?
I love that. Too bad I always plan to get so much more done than I actually do. Oh well.
If we were meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you I am going to have an extra 4-year old
and a 6-month old here for the next two days. Lord, give me strength. I have a good friend that is having a babysitter emergency, what can ya do? When I worked I hated dealing with that daycare stuff,
so stressful.
Well, thanks so much for stopping by for coffee!


  1. I love your coffee posts! I am about to go make mine now...we are late sleepers here. it's almost 10 am. if you stopped for coffee I would tell you we are about to start our homeschooling but you would be welcome to come on in and help teach...ha ha!!! I would tell you that yesterday, we had the greatest time. we took our 9 and 11 year old girls to the forest preserves to do photo shoots of their American Girl Dolls. it was so much fun watching them take photos. They have watched me for years and now it's their turn to use the cameras!
    have a great day! tara

  2. Linking up for the first time!
    If I came over for coffee, would there be leftover cupcakes?

  3. Oh I'm so glad the shower was a success! And that banner must have looked super cute with that adorable fabric. I, too, would like some cupcake goodness. FedEx? :)

  4. I love the banner, and the set-up is beautiful!

  5. That cake is very cute!

    For my wedding, my mother-in-law and I made mints from the mint molds her mother used for my in-laws wedding in 1976. It was very cool, especially since my MIL's mom passed away in 1979. She's used them for my sister-in-law's wedding and each of her grandkid's baby showers. She's already told my girls we'll use them to make mints for their weddings and kids' showers too.

    Have I ever told you yellow is my favorite color? I heart your pictures with yellow everywhere. It makes me smile.

  6. I menat to add that I got those little silver buckets in the dollar aisle at Target..for..well, $1of course : ) And i planted little primroses in them that i found at Kroger super cheap, too. i really wanted to keep one for myself but i gave them all away! : )

  7. Lovely coffee today, amy! i did a video version this week :)

  8. I want to eat all of these treats. Happy Virtual Coffee Tuesday! I am having a cup as we speak =) xo

  9. AWWWW that looks awesome...I love the colors and that cake toooo cute!!! Are those little cups of fruit? I wanna see pics of your bathroom...I have an ugly blue room...maybe they know eachother?

  10. That's a sweet husband, indeed. If we were meeting, I'd beg you to get this child out of me! I'm one day from my due date, but well past my "done" point. :)

  11. Linking for the first time! #11! Thanks so much, this was much needed after a week like this past one! I'm also a newbie follower (so I couldn't forget to link up, I followed last week :D)

  12. Having company over motivates you to really get everything done ;) How sweet of you to host the baby shower. And yay for the bathroom remold finally being done! I'm sure it looks fabulous :) :)

  13. Wow, on Saturday you got to pee AND eat cake! That floral piece in your banner - I'm sure we had slipcovers of that same material when I was growing up. And it sounds like your husband is a keeper. Bu you are a Saint (with a capital "S") to take on a six-month old for days at a time. Doesn't sound like your house is going to stay clean for long - I give it hours. Thanks for the coffee.

  14. I was looking forward to coffee this morning so I could see photos of the baby shower. Everything looks so beautiful. Your hubby is a rockstar for letting you have Sunday off...mine needs to take a lesson :-)

    Have a great week...sounds like it will be a busy one.

  15. What a sweet hostess! Everything looked great.

    I LOVE that wreath!

  16. Virtual Coffee Day ~ yay! I am linking up for the 4th time. By the way, I love your idea of a cookie sheet cake for the baby shower. Care to share your recipe?!
    Cheers ~

  17. Sounds like the baby shower was lovely. Don't you love it after an event like that, when all of the work is done and you see that it paid off? And Sunday alone sounds awesome. I so need one of those days. Thanks for coffee!

  18. The baby shower turned out great everything looked adorable! Did you make that cake? Sounds like it has been busy in your neck of the woods but glad you got a bit of relaxation in there! I want to see the bathroom! :) Thanks for the coffee!

  19. i had a few mugs of home-brewed french roast by caribou. oh yum. :]
    your bathroom sounds like awesome! i love it when things suddenly seem bigger. and after a lot of work too. ;)

  20. oh wow- the shower decorations look beautiful! saying a prayer for patience and strength (and sanity!) as you rescue your friend :)

  21. Ooh, thanks for the coffee. Looks like your shower turned out amazing-- and yay for non-failed home improvement projects. My husband and I switched bedrooms with my daughter on Saturday, and just taking the bed apart and putting it back together was enough to make us both grouchy and twitchy. But now it's delightful. So nice when those things are done.

  22. It looks like you did a fabulous job! The cake!! The yellows! :) Love.

  23. oh i MISS linking up today. i'm way behind in every area of my life i feel like right now. hate that feeling. but i wanted to say hi and that i'm so glad the shower went well!! you'll do great with the extra kiddos! you'll power it, bust out every good idea and snack you have, and then need a major nap in three days. thankfully you have that sweet husband to give you the break when its over!

  24. Looks like you had a wonderful shower! Love the bunting!!

  25. Just realized that I have been doing the virtual coffee all wrong...lol I am so sorry. will try again next week :)


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