{Jars and Junk and Stuff}

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yesterday while I was cleaning I realized just how many jars and old bottles there are around here.
 I love jars, in case you didn't know.
I love the blue ones and clear ones, big ones and little ones.
Oh, I can find so many uses for bottles and jars.

Sometimes I think I might have a problem.
I love jars and fabric and clocks and cameras and pictures and ummm...yeah, just stuff.
I love the idea of minimalism, I really do, but I couldn't do it myself.
Because I just love stuff too much.

{And yes, I admit that maybe I treated myself to this frappuccino just so I could reuse this
cute little bottle for future pictures with the kids. Just maybe}

Check out my recent antiquing score...the Dairy Queen spoons! 
I think I got all of them for like fifty cents.
I love these spoons!
They remind me of getting a DQ sundae with those silver coins when I was little, 
they just make me happy.
And the colors just feel like Summer, huh?

Jars hold collections of buckeyes and feathers and rocks and shells.
An applesauce jar holds sand from a beach in Michigan we visited last year.
One day I want to have a long shelf the length of a room full of jars.
Look, it's the Cukoo Jar Lady.
I think I have mentioned this before but the jar below with the raffia and little flower button is
 from my wedding reception (almost eleven years ago).
We had these jars on all of the picnic tables filed with daisies and candles.
See, I could be hoarding something a lot less practical than jars and bottles.

Tell me something you collect or can't get enough of.
I know I'm not alone.

Oh-and speaking of hoarding....
Tomorrow we are going to Iowa for Eric's nephews Graduation and rumor has it that the 
people/place from American Pickers is right by where we are going.
Think I can sweet-talk The Boss into making a pit-stop?
Ooooh, I would love to get my Junk On there, how fun!

The funny thing is, I felt really bad about telling Wyatt he would miss the end-of-the-year
Play Day at school Friday because who wants to miss that, ya know?
But after hearing about our Road Trip and staying in a hotel his first question was;
"Will there be any antique stores on the way??"
That's my boy.

So Peace Out for now, y'all.
I scheduled something to post tomorrow but I will officially sign off tomorrow morning.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
*And for any of you weird Internet stalkers, I have two ferocious beagles and a house full of
 jars and bottles and a whole lot of junk, it's just not worth your trouble.


  1. I love anything with letters or words on it, birds, globes, chalkboards or garden statues. I also bought a little Starbucks frappucino just for the bottle because it looks so precious with white daisys in it. I did the same thing with real glass milk bottles! I paid a fortune for milk, simply for the bottle ;) I love the little bundle of flowers on the car. Have an awesome trip and I'll be here when you get back ;)

  2. I like jars too! For me, it's coffee cups. I'm not into the delicate little china ones - but the big sturdy ones. Travel mugs, ceramic mugs, you name it.

    I love the jar with your straws! Those lidded ones are the best kind. :)

  3. I love all of your jars. I've often wandered where to store my cupcake liners. Guess what I will putting them into this weekend. Thanks for the jar inspiration.

  4. Listen you cookoo jar lady: I have the same obsession. And I may or may not have inwardly freaked out when my 5 yr old dropped and broke a really unique glass jar with latch lid full of her crayons one day. I had to tell myself "its only a jar...its only a jar...its ONLY a jar Sarah." Ugh. I still wanted to cry:)
    I have my teensy tiny collection of cupcake liners in a similar jar. Now please share with me where I can find some fabulous ones like yours. Its so sad that I want to collect cupcake liners but hey...whatever works for ya, right?
    Have a great trip!

  5. If you go to the Picker's place pleasepleaseplease take pictures!!!!! I LOVE them!!! I always have the urge to go hunting after watching them!!!

  6. Oh, Amy, what a gorgeous collection you have. I'd love to know where you found those divine butterfly cupcake wrappers! J x

  7. Oooohhhh...mmmmm...i think...actually know we are of the same mould!
    i love me a clean surface...full of jars & boxes & flowers & jugs....

    think you need to frame miss.c looking all rock festival cool in your car window....
    i know i say this to you constatntly- but seriously that one is a winner!!

    m xx

  8. Yes, please tell us where we can find those butterfly cupcake wrappers! Those are so cute!!

  9. We love the show American Pickers!

    I have become a minimalist, but I love jars and empty bottles, and I think I do hoard those. When I rinse one out I hold it forever and think of all the possibilities I can find for it!

    Those DQ spoons brought back many memories. I love those.

  10. The cupcake liners are from Target, of course : ) They were out at Easter and I got two packs, I wish I would have got more now because I have used about half of them.

  11. oh i love the concept of using jars to collect stuff. i have collected some shells in a fish bowl. this idea sounds lovely, too. :)

  12. Your girl is just too cool! Love that last shot of her. And now I see...you ARE talking about the same TV show! So excited to hear about it!!!


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