Old & Rusted

Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's true, i just cannot get enough of old things.
rusted things.
banged up things.
the more chipped and faded, the better.
i love old signs and typography.
looking at other people's blogs and flickr streams i am often envious of those that get to photograph 
big, cool cities every day, full of so much character and so much going on all the time.
the buildings, the architecture...you would see something new every day, it would never get old.

but there is no big city for this girl.
so i improvise.
doors, old mailboxes, trucks and motel signs.
old buildings and houses...you can find something anywhere.
notice all of the blue that pops up everywhere?
it's true, i am definitely drawn to blue.
and how much fun would it be to go antiquing in one of those old trucks?
yes, please!

hope everyone had a great weekend.
we had a lot of fun in iowa.
we did go to the american picker's place on saturday--more on that
 and our weekend away over coffee on tuesday though.
'night y'all.


  1. WOW! really great shots! what a town! what amazing things to photograph! yay!

  2. just awesome girl....i love that old tv!!!!
    cant wait to hear about american pickers...thats like my favorite show!


  3. I just love your pictures. You capture vintage perfectly! Lx

  4. I think your shots are amazing! And I cant wait to hear about your trip to Pickers:)

  5. I can not WAIT to read about American Pickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know, those old, small town rusted signs and buildings and things are my favorite.

  6. I'm with ya! I {heart} all things old, rusty, and vintage. I'm currently into vintage things that are canary yellow, or a cross between robins egg blue and tiffany blue. CAN'T get enough of it!

    BTW, I love your blog! =)

  7. Lovely pics! :)

  8. you just keep getting better my lovely friend!
    i'd buy the book!!!!

    think about it....
    or the pack of of postcards!!!
    think about that too!!

    melissa xx

  9. yeah, I think you rocked the old & rusted!!

  10. well you are in the perfect place for old, beat up and rusted. such familiar sights. thanks for taking me home:)

  11. I'm with you. Love the old. And the rusted. Is that you reflected in the old TV? Cool!

    And are you referring to the TV show? I love that show w/the two guys who travel around finding cool old junk. :) Can't wait to hear your story about it.

  12. Seeing all these photos make me happy! GOod job, Amy - you really have an eye ;-)

  13. Amy I love this series of photos! Great shots, I love old things...rust, not so much, but these pics make even rust look good!


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