Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You know how Someday always felt so far off in the future?
Someday we will go to....Someday I want to...Someday I hope we can...
And then one day you realize that now might actually be your Someday.
And that Someday isn't going to last forever.

The other day I was driving through the country and slowed down to look at this house I always
 notice every time I go this way. And I always say to myself, in my head; 
"Someday I am going to have a big old farmhouse out in the country like that....."

It's not even that this house is my dream house or anything, it's not.
But it's more of the location; being in the country while being close to a bigger town that I like.
It's just the idea that this house represents for me I guess.
I imagine us in a big farmhouse with a huge vegetable garden and a flower garden and a little creek.
There would be a lot of old trees-one with a tire swing and one with a tree house for the kids.
We would have a big fire pit and an outdoor brick oven and plenty of room for all of
 our friends to come and camp out in their tents overnight.
Of course we would have chickens because I already fantasize daily about having our own fresh eggs.
This is just one of my Someday's.

I have more. Lots more.
There's the Someday where I am able to make a living doing something creative that I
absolutely love, whatever that may be.
There is the Someday where I open up a donut/coffee shop in a cool old building.
Oh, it would be the cutest shop decorated in all it's vintage finest, just so ya know.
There is the Someday where I publish a book full of all of the old barns I have photographed.
The Someday where I do more with my photography.
The Someday where we adopt a baby, maybe from another country, maybe from this country.
And then the Someday where my little family travels around the world, visiting new places, learning more then we ever knew we could and making memories to last a lifetime.
Those are just a few of my Someday's.

What is on your  Someday list?

What brought on all this thinking today, you ask?
Well, the last few weeks I have been doing lots of thinking.
Thinking about life and choices and responsibility and anxiety and happiness and...yeah, all of it.
And this week we got some news about a family member, and it wasn't good news.
We are hopeful but it is yet another reminder that you never know how long you have here
on this little place we call earth. We really don't.
So I am thinking about all of my Someday's and dreaming and planning because
I  know we only get one chance to live this life and Someday might just be today.

Two more days of school, the countdown is on and all the little last minute things that need to be done-like baking muffins for the teachers and getting Wyatt's teacher a gift.
Wow. Two days!
Happy Wednesday, y'all!  {Remember, no H-word allowed here}


  1. Loved your thoughtful post and your photographs. I, too, have my "someday" dreams, and I, too, struggle to remind myself to live mindfully in the present and to have gratitude for all that I have. Sending healthy wishes to your relative. Here in CT, we have another few weeks of school (til 6/24 I think)-- lots of snow days this winter. Happy start of summer to you!

  2. I share a lot of the same "somedays" as you. My grandparents lived on a farm much like what you described. I live in the burbs of So. Cali and I dream of leaving it all to live more like my grandparents did. I'm sorry to hear of the news of your family member.

  3. oh man i totally feel you....the older i get the faster time goes by! i struggle between the mentality of "you only live once" and "be safe for the kids"!
    happiness is tough sometimes...

  4. Having just lost both of my parents in less than a year of each other, I think about this A LOT lately. It scares me sometimes. And other times it makes me appreciate life so much more. I'm sorry to hear that someone in your family is not doing well. You are in my thoughts.

    Oh, and one of your "somedays" is one of mine too. And it's going to happen this summer. I'm very excited! Oh, but if you want to open a donut shop in an old building we can make it two. I think about doing something cool like that too.

  5. I love your "somedays'>..isn't that the truth, we never know when our time here may be up and we won't have those somedays left to dream....
    hang on to those dreams and if you make at least one of them come true, then you will be living the life you want! xoxo

  6. Wow, your somedays sound a lot like mine. I would love to own a book store, though. We do live out in the woods, in a small town we love near a larger town, and I have a vegetable garden, flower garden, fruit trees, and a chicken coop - but no chickens yet. We're getting there!

  7. Your first someday is almost identical to mine. I dream about raising my family in a home like that.

  8. Someday (when we are done moving around the country) I will have lilac bushes. And a large backyard garden.

    Someday I will have a personal library with all of my books proudly displayed. And a giant chair for me to curl up and read on.

    Sorry to hear about your family member.

  9. amy, you are a really great blogger :) the combo of your words and pictures are always such a thing of beauty. thanks for sharing yourself with us. and i think in my life right now, it's so cluttered that i can't even remember what my somedays are. i think that's a bad sign!

  10. Someday I'll live by the lake with tomatoes and black eyed peas growing in the garden. It never changes.

    My someday is constant.


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