This Job

Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh, this job is not always easy, definitely not.
But we all know that.
Days are long and can be pretty frustrating.
There is little (or no) time to yourself.
Patience is often short, stress is high and the pay is really bad.
This job is all consuming, you are certainly not off at 5:00 and you can't "leave it at the office".
BUT it is a job like no other and one I am happy to have.
Every minute of every day? Well, that might be a bit of a stretch.
But I do love my job, really I do.

Today my job has consisted of taking one to school then stopping on our way home to buy a junky plastic pool for this hot day. Filling the pool up and planting some flowers in pots and getting really dirty.
Lunch was had outside on a blanket and I can take as long of a lunch break as I want at my job.  
No dress code here, scroungy tank top (bra-less) and yoga pants was my uniform today.
Watching Little People go for a swim, reading a magazine out in the grass and looking for a bunny nest, drawing with chalk and making wishes on dandelions... just a bit of the work I have done so far today.

Oh I'm not sugar-coating it, this tough job called parenting.
While buying the pool this morning I got it out to the Jeep and then realized it was too big to fit.
After several desperate phone calls while standing in the parking lot in the sun with a huge plastic purple pool next to me feeling like a bit of a jack-ass, we were rescued.
There was the dog poop I had to pick up in the backyard before we could fill up the pool and
then the three nasty garter snakes I almost stepped on.
The kids were teasing/fighting before school and I made my 785th peanut butter and jelly 
sandwich for Wyatt's lunch this morning...or something like that.
Then there is the laundry...and that's all that needs to be said on that subject.

Acknowledging the rough parts but knowing that the good parts make up for it.
Every single day.
And the hardest and best thing about this job?
That I get to get up bright and early tomorrow morning and do it all over again.

Happy Thursday to you...tomorrow is Friday already! These weeks and days are just flying by.
Only two more weeks of school left.
How is that possible?
Hope everyone has a great day.
Tell me what YOU are up to today.

ughhhh...this post was so yesterday...hope Blogger's problems are fixed now.
Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. I'm so glad this got put back up, because I really loved this post. It's so sweet to hear about mothers who actually enjoy what they do. It really is the best, if not most challenging and scariest, job in the world, and I can't wait until I can say that I'm a mom too...

    Thanks for posting this. I hope you and your family have a beautiful weekend.


  2. Amen, sistah! I'm all about motherhood being the best job in the galaxy. It's the only job I've ever really wanted, for real, but it is not for the faint of heart. It's definitely challenging and a test of patience, long suffering, etc. But, you're also right in that the benefits, such as long lunch breaks and no dress code, are amazing (monetarily not so much, of course, but who needs that money stuff anyway? ;)).
    That quote you wrote in chalk made me think of Bob Marley. He says it in a song, "live the life you love and love the life you live." And the little people...I spent hours playing with those things on our stair landing...their faces are home to me (as I'm sure is the case with lots of people our age). :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Your right. It is so hard, but so worth it.

  4. I hear ya! I'm glad your saying something about it!

  5. I agree a million times over.


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