{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi there.
It doesn't seem like Tuesday at all, does it?
Or does it?
A long holiday weekend always throws me off a bit, but I'm not complaining.
So, since it is in fact Tuesday, let's have coffee.
This morning I am having a  homemade cinnamon dolce latte but soon I might have to start 
making my usual coffee into iced coffee.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee...

I would tell you that this morning is Report Card pick-up because ya know,
 SCHOOL IS OUT for us. wahooooo!
I feel like after we leave school this morning, summer vacation is officially here.
Like, for real. And I say, bring it on.
I am ready...and prepared.
Well, mentally prepared anyway. I have already reminded myself that there will be a little
 adjustment period for all of us, but after that, it's all good.

So how was your weekend?
We had a great weekend but they always go too fast when Eric is off. I hate that.
I wish he could just be off with us all summer, now that would be nice.
And it would be like a real vacation for me, too.
Yesterday we had our first frozen margaritas of the summer out on the patio while the
 kids played in the little pool. Yum.

We spent the weekend down at The Farm like we do every single Memorial Day weekend
 since about 1980-ish.
We had a wonderful time and the kids had a blast and since I took 1.5 million pictures,
I will share those tomorrow. The kids played in the sandbox, road four wheelers and swung on the tire swing all.weekend. long. A kid's dream. It was a fun weekend and every year when we are back home a I realize that I might have just been born into the coolest family ever.
Yeah, I think I was. More on that tomorrow though.

Wyatt and his cousin Ella on Friday, the last day of school.
Afterwards we had to celebrate at the coffee shop/bakery...
The cousins got brownies and extra large cookies, we got coffee.

Well, I need to get moving here so we can get to school on time.
I think I am going to have to embarrass Wyatt and take my camera so I can get a picture of him with his teacher. It is her last year, she is retiring after 32 years of teaching.
I loved his teacher and am really sad that Charlotte won't have her but I am so thankful she got our public school experience off to a wonderful start. I have the utmost respect for teachers, it is not an easy job. And a good teacher, a really good teacher, can make all the difference in the world.

Thanks for joining me for coffee this morning....
I kinda wonder if everyone else will forget that it is Tuesday, too?
Well, if you didn't forget, I'll visit you all for coffee later on today, for my refill.
Have a great day!


  1. Wow, just imagine all those lazy summer days ahead of you.... Oh, I'm sorry, did I say lazy? Don't know what I was thinking! Glad you're excited about summer vacation that's the spirit!

  2. oh i am so envious that today is your summer starts tomorrow!! and that your eric had the weekend off! ah well... mine will be off this weekend :) looking forward to hearing about memorial day weekend on the farm! that sounds like too much fun! happy tuesday... even though you are right- it does not feel like tuesday :)

  3. it's so fun reading your posts. i'm always trying to figure out where things are...like that restaurant. didn't look familiar.

    my kids don't get out until next thursday. i'm anxious to have them home with me.

  4. My kids have another 3 weeks to go! Woo hoo..summer fun!

  5. We have another three weeks of school and I'm so looking forward to the real lazy days of summer. Fewer commitments, moving at a slower pace. Margaritas in glass jars?! Whooppee! I'm in for one of those!

  6. sounds like a fun weekend!
    i wish my eric was off all summer too.
    our break doesn't start for weeks!!

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend...those margs look yummy. Could I have one of those instead of coffee today? :-)

    Have a GREAT (short) week, and I can't believe I remembered that it was Tuesday...there's hope for me yet!

  8. This is such a fun idea, I'm definitely going to link up next time you do this!! Sounds like you had a great weekend, too!

  9. I'm actually reading this as I sip my coffee on Wed am (half decaf with a little half and half) . Glad you had such a wonderful holiday weekend (I just read your Memorial Day post, too, and it was wonderful-- I loved ALL the photos). On Monday night, I was thinking it was Sunday night, but by yesterday morning, I did get straightened out pretty quickly since we're still in school. I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared yet for summer, but I have a week more to get there. Have a great week!

  10. Hasn't it been wonderful with no school?!?

    32 years. Bless his teacher. I don't know if I've got it in me. Next year will be #14 for me.


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