Sunday, June 12, 2011

it is a beautiful 72* here today and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it, especially since
the forecast is showing rain and thunderstorms nearly all week long.
yesterday we went to the county fair...i will be back with a bunch more pictures tomorrow.
happy sunday, hope you are enjoying your day, too!


  1. Your photos never cease to amaze me. Seriously, you are brilliant!
    I am working this weekend, but it's ok because I love my job - and I can blog while working! =)

  2. I'm loving all your pictures you upload and I think some might be from the Instagram app....am I right?! Even so, you have a really great eye for photography!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Inspires me to get outside and shoot a few myself! Happy Sunday!

  4. Love fairs. There is something old school about them that makes me happy. have a good weekend.

  5. very cute pics of an old-timey fair :) are you using your iphone? or how do you get all that radness?!? :)

  6. What a pretty looking weekend you had xo

  7. I love how your pics "take me back" yet are current/today pics. Such nostalgia in them.
    Have a great day!


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