The Post Where I Realize How Cheap I Really Am.....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

 today charlotte and i got away for a few hours of girl-time. we went to target, pier 1 and panera. 
i am looking for an outdoor rug for my new favorite little spot on the front porch but had no luck today. 
i refuse to pay an arm and a leg for an outdoor rug that is going to get wet, dirty, buggy, bubbles 
spilled on it, popsicles dripped on it and rained on. plus i am cheap, so i'm just not.
that little old copper watering can belonged to eric's great-grandma i think.

this little canister holds a whole bunch of chalk and sits on a little book case on the porch. 
we are set on chalk and bubbles for a while, along while.
whenever i see either of them for a really good price i guess i buy more.
 bubbles and chalk are essential for summer days at the bramer homestead. 
i love those birds on that canister, i scrounged it up at one of my favorite junk stores for under a dollar.

charlotte took this camera with her on our errands today. she said she was a real photographer. 
in target she said she was video taping people with her camera and at one point she dropped the camera, looked at a lady in the aisle by us and said; "now THAT is ridiculous to be that full! " i looked up and the lady's cart was actually overflowing and yes, it was ridiculous.
 i hung my head in shame and made a quick exit out of that aisle. that girl of mine....!!!

i got this necklace at a rummage sale for twenty five cents last week. 
mmmm hmmm...a whole quarter. 
and actually all i had on me was a twenty dollar bill so wyatt bought it for me from his
 rummaging money. what a sweetie. 
although i guess i did give him his rummaging money in the first place.

i smuggled these in when i took the kids to the movie the other day.
i know, it's illegal and stuff but i did.
and if i must tell the whole truth i also smuggled in a capri sun for each kid.
some days i have no shame to my game.
i confess the main reason i bought the animal crackers is because i really wanted to
 make these with the kids though. so, so cute.

i usually avoid wal-mart in favor of target but some times i give in because i actually need something specifically from wal-mart. well, yesterday was one of those days. the trip was worth it because i scored this shirt for myself for $1 and an even cuter one for miss charlotte for $2. oh yeah. i have to admit that one reason i avoid that place is because i usually cannot get out of there without seeing one of 
my families from school. 
{translation: one of the families that i did home visits with or that came to our playgroups when
 i worked in the birth-3 program for our school district}
some days it's a good thing to see my families and some days i just want to block that 
jerry springer-drama from my mind completely.

wyatt and his best and favorite cousin, ben,  playing with the water guns today.
best $3 i ever spent? quite possibly.
 now i need to remember to go buy a few back-ups for when these break. 
they can't last long with the amount of use they have gotten already.

Wow- this whole post was pretty much all about how CHEAP i am, huh?
i'm not sure if that's a good thing, but i just re-read the post so i guess it's true.
well, time for me to go lay in bed and watch a little crime/prison/investigation/mystery tv.
it might just be another "Lock-Up" (anyone?) night for me again if there is nothing else on tonight...
yep, love me some crime tv, not gonna lie. 
good night, y'all!


  1. girl your not cheap you are smart and you have damn good taste!

  2. i adore your thriftiness -- it's beautiful :) your .25 necklace is so pretty. i bought animal crackers for that same idea .... great minds think alike. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. i think i'd qualify as a cheapo too, but hey....your necklace/ring/bird canister, etc all look like like a million bucks so who cares?! i loved all your great finds :)

  4. I'm cheep too! Let's just embrace it... :-)

  5. You have a great eye and have found some great finds. I love the birds on the canister. Chalk is a must have around here too.

  6. I have to say, thrifty looks good on you ;-)

  7. sigh.
    i'm in love with that chair--the form and color-- in that first picture:)

  8. I bring drinks into the movies for my kids every time. We also bring in Twizzlers. I do buy a large soda and popcorn though. Only b/c I lovvvvveeee it. I choke every time they tell me the price. But it wouldn't be the movie experience for me without the popcorn and Diet Coke.

  9. Nothing wrong with cheap, honey.

    Let's call you FRUGAL. Sounds classier.

    I enjoyed your frugality in this post.

  10. These are some great finds!!! I love your thriftiness too!
    Star Hughes Living


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