Hoping For a Crowd....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The kids are having a Lemonade Stand this morning.
It's supposed to be 93* so hopefully there are a lot of thirsty people out and about today-
well, thirsty and hungry, I made a bunch of chocolate chip cookie bars, too.
We are hoping for a crowd like this---wait, minus the clown, the clowns can stay home and the mad
 little boy can, too. This mama does not do clowns.
We just want shiny, happy people at our Lemonade Stand, thank you very much.
Wish us luck!!!

{and now you have this in your head, don't you? }


  1. Good luck today with the lemonade stand! I hope you do have lots of shiny, happy people.... and I have always LOVED that song so I'm so glad it's in my head!

  2. Oooh Lemonade...anywhere, anytime fore thanks x

  3. hope the lemondade stand is a success!

    love that song. . .have you ever seen the Seseme Street version? too funny!

  4. Good luck today!
    And, while I don't have the song in my head, I totally LOVE the picture!
    I needed an idea for my Project 365 image today and I just got one!
    (Now to go root around in the old toy box -my sons are 33 and 27 and both long gone from the house -so there may be some vintage finds - thanks for the idea!

  5. keeping my fingers crossed for them. love that pic!

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  7. awwww. good luck to your sweeties :) hope they don't melt. my kids are doing one this weekend while i have a rummage sale. hopefully i can monitor them a bit that way. crossing our fingers for some BIG BUCKS, BABY!! ;)

  8. Good luck!! If I lived nearby I would *totally* stop by...I'm a sucker for lemonade stands and always stop to by a cup!

  9. have sweet fun! i would freak if a CLOWN was at my lemonade stand!!!! : )

  10. A lemonade stand is on my kids summer list too. I'm putting it off as long as possible and then plan on emailing all our friends and putting it on FB to make sure somebody stops by! :) Have fun with yours! I'm sure there will be cute pictures later!

  11. I love your little people-- what a blast from the past!! Too funny that you selected "Shiny Happy People" to accompany them! Did you ever see the version where REM appeared on Sesame Street and sang it with the muppets (Shiny Happy Monsters)-- it's a hoot!


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