Note To Self :: Wear Shoes

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So, check out the email I got yesterday regarding a picture I recently posted on this blog
 and on Flickr. (Picture here in case you didn't see it the other day).

Your feet are beautiful and amazing!!!!!! 
I have got to ask 3 things:
May I please have a picture of the soles of your bare feet?
Are your feet ticklish?
Would you ever complete a Tickling survey I would mail you?

Ummm...really? Wait. Really?
Sometimes it's easy to forget our blogs and pictures and all of it is.... just totally public,
completely out there for anyone and everyone to see.
I mean, obviously I know it's public but sometimes I kinda forget that there are other people reading, looking and lurking that I don't know. That might be freaks. More than those who comment,
 the friends I have met and the little faces I see over on the sidebar following me.
Anyone can be looking. I kind of try not to think about that sometimes.

Note to self, no more bare feet pictures. Wait-that'll be hard...less bare feet pictures then.
Yeah, definitely less.
Now excuse me, but I have some pictures to take of the soles of my feet and a survey to fill out.
 I should probably just send him my home address instead of having him email me the
survey though, huh?

Have a great day y'all...and cover up those feet!


  1. um, EW. That is all.

  2. Wow. Just wow. That definitely pinged by weird-o-meter.

    Your post made me smile, though. And remember, keep those feet covered! :)

    This Good Life

  3. I have to admit that low tolerance of feet pics, even though your feet are adorable, of course. So in a way, I kinda wish all bloggers would take this pledge. : )

  4. seriously?! that sounds WEIRODO crazy to me!!! LOL!!!!!!
    going to cover up my feet NOW!! ha ha!

  5. eeeewwww! that is totally wierd and creepy! um...ya, don't think i'd reply to that one!

    It is a little disturbing to think that there are wierdo's out there snooping around. Gosh, and I love feet pictures.... boo!

  7. creepy!! but thanks for sharing the humor in it. I just posted a pic of my feet yesterday!! I will wait for my e-mail from creepy guy.

  8. hold the phone... there are really people out their with foot fetishes... that's just NASTY. this totally just tipped the weird scale.

  9. Oh yeah, I've had the foot thing. Now I never tag any of my photos with foot related words. It brings out the weirdos!!!

  10. Ahhh creepy weirdos!!! Thanks for the reminder, though. I tend to forget that it's all public as well. I try not to divulge too much info because of that.

  11. Wow. I get that people are into certain things - but it's odd to try and solicit them from a stranger! ...don't give out your address!

  12. I *just* removed a post about my kids' feet because of weird search times that kept coming up. Ew.

  13. haha...ummmm...thanks for sharing and looking out for us!

  14. okay, I am a little freaked out now!!

  15. That is so completely weird!!

  16. That is pretty weird, I'll admit, even for me...

    Not that I've ever been stalked in that way, but I would just ignore it if, by chance, it happened in my mailbox. Only after I was completely grossed out though.

  17. OH this made me laugh. Hard.
    Thank for that!! :)

  18. Oh Amy - I'm so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable with my e-mail...did I forget to sign my name? JK (honest - wasn't me).

    Scary thing is that person actually asked....I can only imagine the things that are done/thought while viewing some of the photos that are out there in the real world. Wait - don't go there - I'm going to continue to live in my happy little bubble. BTW - your family feet are very cute - hee hee.

  19. that is NUTS! totally freaking hilaries, but NUTS!

  20. i forget too. i once got a comment from someone who thinks they are a prophet sent to announce the end of the world. those little reminders like you got give me shivers. ew.

  21. The foot freaks on flickr are the WORST! I get so many wacko comments and people following me that I have to block.

    If you only have feet on your picture feed, then you are a perv and need help. That's way beyond foot fetish.


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