{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello there everyone.
Good morning.
Pull up a seat and have coffee with me today.
You know what I just realized the other day?
I have a fantasy of being able to meet friends for coffee (sans children) and this Fall when 
Miss Charlotte starts preschool I will actually have an entire hour and forty minutes three
days a week between school drop offs/pick-up.
BUT, (and here is the sad part) I will finally have free time to meet for coffee but no one to meet. 
Anyone I would want to meet would be working or have their own kids with them during
 my fantasy coffee date time. Sigh. 
I think we might have to start doing some Virtual Coffee Skype dates then...

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you that it is hot, hot, hot here
 and this will be the week of many indoor activities so I am trying to come up with some ideas for the rest of the week. The high is supposed to be 98* and then add the humidity on top of that...yikes.
I think this afternoon we are going bowling (on our Summer List) and Thursday we will be hitting the Dollar Movie at the theater. I need to come up with a few good craft projects, too to keep us busy.
 It's all about trying to find a good balance between finding things to go and do and
 just hanging out around home.
Too much running around drives me crazy and being home too much, just the three of us,
 drives us all crazy after a while.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that Friday we went to our favorite little park/nature preserve and had a dessert picnic. Cupcakes and milk for them and and a 
frappuccino and turn-over for me, that was actually my lunch and my dessert
We saw lots of butterflies and bullfrogs by the pond but couldn't quite catch any.
 It was a pretty day to be there and the kids love the Pine Forest. Okay, I love the Pine Forest as
 much as they do and especially the teepee (tipi?) things people make in there.
Check out Wyatt's orange dreamsicle cupcake. It smelled just like a dreamsicle, too.

We had Sunday dinner here over the weekend and I made the best and easiest dish for the second time now that everyone, including the kids, loved. Actually loved, and it includes green beans.
It is just green beans, four ounces of cream cheese, pesto and penne pasta-or any kind of pasta you have on hand. You can serve it warm or cold and you can add Parmesan cheese if you want. 
I used the green beans I got from the Farmer's Market Saturday and it was so good. Yum.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, just like in my fantasy,
I would ask what you are up to this week. Anything fun? Any great ideas to keep us busy this week?  I'm not desperate yet but I might be by the end of the week in this heat.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and thanks for joining me for coffee y'all!


  1. I am not sure if I should be jealous or not. I haven't done the calculation from fahrenheit to Celcius, so I am not sure how hot it really is there. But some sun sounds nice, here it has been grey all week, blegh.

    Virtual coffe through skype sounds wonderful. This week I am having a bit of a hectic week. It's the last week in school for the children before their summer vacation starts, so there is a lot to be done. And thursday my littlest one has to go to the hospital for 24 hours for all kinds of tests.

    If we really were having coffee right now I'd confess to you that I am trying to keep everything going and enjoy all the festivities with my children, but that underneath all that I am terribly scared that something is really wrong with my little boy and his heart. His big, loving heart. If we really were having coffee I might even shed a little tear, glad to be in a place where I could do that without feeling guilty towards the children and my busy, stressed out husband. And then I would thank you for that. Like I am not, because writing this down kind of helped too. Thank you.

    I wish you lots of fun in the coming week with all the indoor activities and hope the heat will be bearable for all of you there!


  2. Virtual Skype coffee dates sound awesome! Although we should do a Google+ hangout so more people can join in at the same time. (Let me know if you need an invite to Google+.)

    That green bean dish sounds amazing! Do you have to let the cream cheese melt up a bit to mix in? Or is it supposed to be kind of chunky-cheesy? (Does that make any sense at all?)

    It's getting crazy hot in Thailand now too. It's gotten so I've resorted to taking cool showers (at night especially, if it's too hot to sleep) as a way to cool off!

  3. That sentence should be, ofcourse: "Like I am now", instead of "Like I am not"

    I was writing faster than I was thinking ;-)

  4. hey amy :) thanks for coffee!you want to come to mine later for some? go to family fun's website for craft ideas...they have fun ones...we're going to try to do something off our summer list today too, which will also be an inside activity! hot tomale!

  5. Mmm that frappuccino looks delish, and so perfect for a hot day! It's supposed to be low 90's here today, but tomorrow I saw a high of 95...that's super hot for Cleveland, let me tell you. And it also rained a GOOD amount last night...add on some humidity and I'll be the one in the corner with her inhaler because she can't breathe. Oh well, the joys of summer! Where are you from again?

    Bowling sounds like a great idea on such a hot day, and the Dollar Movie later this week. And that cupcake looks and sounds soo good!

  6. i think i just might investigate skype if we're goin' to meet up... :) i have the same problem - friends who work - pah! don't they know i'm available for coffee???
    looks like you had a luvverly weekend - thanks for sharing :)

  7. Aww...I'd love a coffee meet up... One can dream.

    I plan on getting my house in order...as much as possible with all that's going on in my life right now. I love being busy! Idle minds drive me nuts!!!! =) Hope you have an amazing week!

  8. It's going to be hot here, too. Thursday will be 100 (somethin) plus humidity. Hellllooo summer, right? Just as long as it doesn't cause a brown out.

    Love your pictures. They are summery and lovely. Looks like our kind of afternoon around here. Love picnics, love black eyed susans, love cat tails, love exploring...

    Happy Tuesday chica.

  9. Oh boy now I want cupcakes!
    We've got some crazy heat here right now too. Thankfully the neighbors have a pool (it's just small, but it does the trick). The kids were in for HOURS last night.

    A Skype date would be great! (Or a Google+ date... good thinking Jade!)

  10. I just LOVe all of those woodsy photos! so beautiful!
    Okay, I just tried those frappuccino in the bottle things and YUMMO!
    do you make them at home too? what do you have for making those? frapp machine or espresso machine? I totally want to start doing my own at home to save money and calories! if you have any tips, I would love some!
    if we were meeting today, I would tell you how I have been doing stuff to get ready for homeschooling, making copies and cutting things out and preparing math center stuff. I have also been editing the billion photos I take. And working out again after 3 weeks of not.
    My 11 year old is shocking me by getting up every day at 9, exercising for 20 minutes, then taking a shower! she is so dedicated! but the sad part is, she thinks she is fat!! ugh, she is a skinny minny toothpick! seriously! 66lbs and 4ft 9" (at least)....it worries me!
    okay have a great day!!! take some more photos of your indoor fun!
    mine have been re-designing their American Girl doll houses in their closets!

  11. I found your blog from visiting Alita's blog.. When she writes her coffee post, I just love them.. So I thought I would give it a go.. I'm not that great of a writer. But I am practicing and hopefully I will get better with time..

    Your post today is wonderful.. And your photos are so beautiful.. I am a newly stay at home grandma.. I was a pre-school teacher and just love seeing the world through those young eyes..

    It has to be tough to come up with a balance to keep kids and Mom happy!! My hat goes off to you for even thinking of it.. Some Moms don't.. I have seen a lot..

    So I just wanted to say thanks and I will be back..

    Hugs, Linda

  12. Every post you write and photograph is just magical!!!!

  13. Hi Amy-- I'm right there with you on the hot, humid weather, and also trying to find the balance between getting out/ doing things and staying around the house. I have a fun idea-- making plaster casts of footprints. The edges of a pond or stream are usually good places. Bring along some plaster of paris, a container to mix it in, and paper cups. You can bring water, or just use water from the pond. Cut off the bottom of the cups and press them into the ground around a print that you find. The plaster has to set for like an hour. Also, you can make up a nature scavenger hunt for around your home (or even an indoor one). Sometimes I have the kids draw what they see or check it off of a list (so they wont harm small animals like butterflies or salamanders). Good luck this week-- hope you have fun and stay cool! As always, thank you for coffee.

  14. The humidity finally dropped and life outside is bearable. I can do coffee in the fall. And the amazing dessert/coffee shop is walking distance from the house.

  15. Your pictures are always so awesome! What do you use to make those collages?? Thanks for coffee!

  16. yes to Skype virtual coffee...

  17. That cup-cake looks delicious! And I have fraps and turnovers for breakfast every chance I get!!! :0)
    Running around all day does stink, especially with three little ones. I totally agree. But wherever you live looks gorgeous...at least you have awesome scenery to look at while you're driving to and fro! Today I participated in your cup of coffee link up. It was fun!

  18. hi! new here...

    do you really do ALL your editing in picnik?? your pictures look so great! and i just don't have time to edit...but i LOVe picnik!

    what are your favorite quick edits??

  19. Looks like you and the kids had a great time before the weather got unbearable.

    Wyatt's cupcake looks so good I could eat it up!

    Stay cool...and have a GREAT week.

  20. I've just discovered your blog and it's wonderful. I love the photos and the words, so lyrical and poetic :)

  21. Oh, I wish we loved closer for that 1 hour and 40 minute coffee talk.


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