Where The Wildflowers Grow

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As promised, an overload of pictures form the Cabin this past weekend.
Are you sick of these? Does it look/sound like the same thing on every Cabin Post of mine?
I just can't get enough of the wildflowers, the cornfields and all the little details in the woods.
If you really look, there is so much to see down there.

This is the gate leading to the cabin and then the cabin in the distance.
Wyatt running down the drive and a field of soybeans across the road.

This time we remembered rain boots so the kids could explore in the creek.
It's not too high right now and with their boots on they can wade in it without getting very wet.
That is if they didn't want to get wet but they are kids and it's water, so obviously they are getting wet.

Heart-shaped rock found by Wyatt.
Charlotte is the only kid that would touch the toad, that girl does not have a whole lot of fear
which is both a good and bad thing sometimes.
Knee high by what? Knee high by the Fourth of July is what they say about corn but nope,
way higher than knee high down there.
We walked through the corn a little bit as the sun was going down, you can see the orange
 and pink  in the distance. Playing in the corn reminds me of when I was little and we would
 play hide-and-seek in the cornfields at my grandma & grandpa's.

The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and the adults had fun visiting, as always, which is exactly what we all go down there for.
Sunday afternoon my sister, my cousin, Wyatt and I escaped to a little town about ten minutes away and went to a flea market.  Oooh, we only had about thirty minutes or so before they closed but it was good, definitely worth a trip back. I will share with you later this week what I found for Charlotte there, something I have been looking for  now for a while. I love when that happens.

There weren't a whole lot and most of the ones we did see were surrounded by poison ivy.
At times the sky got pretty dark and we thought for sure we would be hit by a storm but they
seemed to pass right on by with only a few sprinkles here and there.

The girls had fun picking wildflowers which is one of my most favorite things to do down there. Depending on the time of year,  they are always different. We love to walk out onto the road and pick a bunch to put on the table out on the screened-in porch. I think the Black-eyed Susan's are my favorite.
I mentioned yesterday that we drove out into the country Sunday night to look for fireworks.
We pulled over and let the kids climb onto the top of the car to watch and we could see
them from every direction, at least four places at once. Pretty cool.
I think just maybe the kids liked climbing on top of the car just as much as the fireworks though.
Okay, that's it. I sware, no more pictures.

It's still early and I have already been to the store, edited these pictures and drank my coffee.
The day is off to a good start so far. Hope you have a happy Wednesday!


  1. love. love. love this pics!! they're just gorgeous, girl! what lens are you using here? just curious. you better be doing something cool with these...i'm thinking a wall gallery thing or something. just perfect pics :)

  2. Stunning photographs...and yes, what lens did you use to capture these?? Love this post!! :-)

  3. Love these pictures, they are all so beautiful. Looks like a wonderful place!


  4. Great photos! Reminds me of my childhood...I grew up in the middle of no where.

  5. This is a place I want to be - it looks so magical!

  6. Keep 'em comin' I never get tired of looking at your pics.

  7. at each photo I would think, this one is the best...and then i would see the next. Simply beautiful!!

  8. I love the way your pictures tell a storie xo

  9. These are ALL AMAZING! Looks like an amazing time.

  10. Your photos still my heart just a little...so lovely. Great memories captured right there. Love.

  11. I am dying of jealousy looking at these pictures! What a beautiful place!!! And gorgeous pictures as well.


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