lucky girl.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is what I get to look at every Monday, baby toes and baby feet.
I also get to deal with baby blow-outs and fussy baby and happy baby and non-sleeping-baby
(sometimes) but the sweet little baby toes totally makes up for the other stuff I think.

This is my little niece, she just turned six months old. Six months is my favorite baby age, 
I love them at six months...starting to sit up, really developing more of a personality,
interacting more and sweet and funny.
And she is so stinkin' cute and that's not just because I am her aunt. Really.

Is it wrong to admit that I might want another baby just so I can take a whole bunch of pictures
 of baby feet and hands and toes and cute little baby clothes again? 
Good thing I have friends and family with babies right now, huh?
Oh-and on that note,  I am always on the look-out for that baby that needs a home, just sayin'.

In our family baby/kid's clothes get passed around a lot. My sister has a girl, I have
 a girl and my brother has three girls. My sister has a boy two years older than Wyatt. 
My brother's middle girl is two years younger than Charlotte. 
So we pass clothes back and forth, we hand them down, we get lots of use out of them. 
These little pink pants were Charlotte's. I loved these pants so much, love that bird.
Now I get to see my baby niece wear them, I love that so much.
It makes me smile to remember Charlotte wearing them.

I feel so lucky to have family around us. My brother and sister, my sister-in-law, many of my
 cousins, Eric's sister, his grandparents....many aunts and uncles.
This is something I think about a lot.
 And I think it is on my mind a lot more lately as my husband is desperately searching looking
 for a job and I think about all of the "What if's......"
Could I live away? Do I really want to? 
What about my siblings and parents and my nieces and nephews?
Maybe I wasn't meant to live away, maybe this is what I need.
My kids are so close to their cousins.
After being in Indiana and Wyatt playing with his cousin Ben all weekend, he said that
 he knows Ben is his cousin but it feels like he is his brother. I told him I know just how he feels.

These are just some of the things that keep me up at night.
I'm not sure where Eric will get a job or when but these are things to think about.
And let me just clarify that he currently has a job but is looking for a new job in a completely new field.
He graduated with his Master's Degree in Environmental Studies in May, I have told him 
that I am going to post a virtual resume for him on my blog one day...I need to get on that one.
For real.
{Just a few random shots of the kids and their cousins}

I started this post a while ago and have had to leave it and come back a couple of times now.
I almost forgot why I titled it "Lucky Girl" but now I remember.
This morning between getting everyone to school and my Jeep dying right on the street in
 front of Wyatt's school and needing to be at my Dr appointment in ten minutes and
 my brother pulling up right behind me dropping off his daughter at school and my mom
 was only two blocks away so my brother could drop me off so I could use her car to get
 to my appointment on time.....I could have dissolved into a pile of tears and why me's?
 but I didn't. It all worked out.
 I decided there was no room in my day for wallowing in self pity or letting stress get the
 best of me. Not this time anyway.
I decided that I am lucky and blessed and life is full of little gifts and that is what I need to focus on.
Sometimes, whether I believe it or not in that moment, that is exactly what I need to tell myself.
So I do. Then maybe I will just believe it.

I'm not even going to re-read this post because I'm sure it would make little sense now,
so thanks for hanging in there with me. Also thanks for the well wishes on yesterday's post.
Diagnosis = acute bronchitis, ear infection, upper respiratory infection.
Happy Wednesday everyone, have a great day!!!


  1. how lucky that you get to watch your little niece :) and don't you love hand-me-downs?! glad you went to the doc. hope you're on the mend!

  2. goodness those pics are wonderful and make me want to cry a little bit! geesh i miss cornfields. love the little tiny toes on that sweet blanket. you are blessed and lucky indeed to get that baby fix every week:) nothing like the smell and feel of new life. thanks for the reminder of how blessed we really are:)

  3. i'll be praying that you feel better soon. :)

  4. That is great that your family is so close together. Everyone gets to hang out. That's how my family is and my hubby's family is. None of us, live very far from eachother and we love it! Great pictures!!

    I hope you get better very soon!

  5. very sweet! I have no nieces and 9 live in little boy land:)

  6. Love those little baby feet and precious!

  7. what a lovely post.
    i am lucky too, in many ways.
    but not in your ways. i don't have family all around.
    they are spread out.
    it is easy for me to romanticize how perfect it must be with your family blocks away at any given time, but i know there are pros and cons :)
    i miss my siblings and my mom being able to be there for me.
    i was just thinking today about how when my mom was alive she'd bring me a icy diet coke into the flowers shop where i worked (that was just down the street from her house). it made me feel loved. the memory makes me feel loved.
    that being said, just as an encouragement, i am ok with out that too.
    i never could have thought i would be.
    even now, its hard, at times, not to have help from my mom and sisters, but it's not impossible.
    it has grown me and built me in areas that i never would have grown and built if i always had them to fall's true.
    so, no matter what you will be a blessed and lucky lady.
    maybe in different ways than you think...maybe.

    (maybe you'll move to orange county? there i just said it.i wish. but i know you need the country...just wishin')

  8. Living near family (if you get along) is priceless. So I definitely agree, Lucky Girl! Also, teeny baby feet, and toes and hands and chubby legs really make me want to have another baby. Cause my baby, at almost two, is not a baby anymore, sniff! I kind of wish I had a little niece or nephew to babysit too.

  9. Ohhhhh six months is my fave age too!!!! Those little toes just make me smile!!! One lucky niece and one lucky auntie...


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