{Birthday Brunch}

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday morning we had brunch at our house to celebrate both 
Wyatt & Charlotte's Birthdays with our families.
It was a beautiful Fall day so we set up everything in the back yard.
Brunch? For a kid's party? Yep, brunch. We had never done this before but it turned out to
 be a great idea. By early afternoon the party was over and we still had the rest of
our Sunday to just hang out at home together.
Eric and I got to recover (a little) and the kids got to play with all of their new
 stuff for the rest of the day.

On the menu:: 
Cinnamon rolls
Egg Casserole
Blueberry Muffins
The mini boxes of cereal might have been the highlight...kids just love those.
When I was little I don't remember my mom & dad buying those much except when 
we went on vacation and that's the only time we buy them for the kids usually, too. 
Which really makes it all that much more fun for them I think.

I really tried to keep everything as simple as possible.
Simple = way less stress for me.
Less stress for me = much happier family.
I do like planning the kid's parties but when it comes right down to it, they stress me out, too.
This makes me super grouchy and not able to enjoy myself as much as I should be, 
 snapping around at Eric and that's not what their parties should be about.
We set up a little ring toss with this coke crate and some of the old bottles from my collection.
I got the rings in the dollar aisle at Target over the summer...they were actually diving rings.

Oh but my favorite part of the party? Had to have been the pillowcase races.
So funny and so cute.
Have you ever done this with your kids? If not, you should try it.


Everyone got to take home a little bag of my mom's famous sugar cookies...Yum.
A lazy errr-lovely, relaxed Birthday party was enjoyed by all.
And this mama is glad it is over until next year.
Happy Monday everyone, hope your week is off to a great start!
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  1. so perfect amy!
    you are such a great example of a momma with style AND good personal boundaries.
    it is a creative mother's journey to learn how to throw a party that is not about you and your amazing skills. and that is FOR your child.
    i like your style and your games and your understanding of what's important.
    my kids would have loved that party and i would have loved that i didn't have to feel awkward and out of place with you STRESSING out...wondering if i ought to be doing something to help, or what....
    (can you tell i've had experience in many ways with this scenario?)

  2. too stinkin' cute! i love this party. and brunch is a great idea! i never buy those little boxes of cereal either unless it's a special occasion. makes it special :) great party, mama!

  3. This is so cute and such a great idea! I have never thought about just having a simple birthday party, maybe I need too. Because like you my stress level goes way up! Great pictures too! =D

  4. Sounds like you put on a great party! And I love all the photos. Just love your processing. :)

  5. That black + white photo of the girls running is perfection!!!!

  6. wish we'd made it...love the shots of your back garden..the moustaches of course {!!} and the sack races....

    nothing like a good old fashioned party to keep the mama smiling....

    melissa xx

  7. Your little party looks like pure perfection ~ the same stuff that made us happy as kids still wins every time.
    My kids love those little boxes of cereal too...and only get them on vacation. Ha.

  8. Exactly how a birthday was meant to be...full of fuzzy, warm memories. I love brunch. I love everything about it. My favorite food of the day. Any reason to bake cinnamon rolls and I am all over it. This is a super idea! We started having a Christmas brunch instead of Christmas dinner and we LOVE it. It's just more relaxed, we can linger together longer, nobody has to rush off to get the babies to bed, kiddos aren't as grouchy and worn out. Cheers to brunch!

  9. hehe...yes. The best part of the party? When it's over. :)

    Love keeping it simple. The focus is on celebrating together that way.

    And...total fun memories brought back with the individual cereal boxes. Always reminds me of girl scout campouts. Did you make the cinnamon buns yourself?? :)

  10. Looks like good old-fashioned fun. That's the best kind! Happy Birthday to your kiddos.

  11. this looks like so much fun, amy! i love that you kept it simple.
    simple=good for me, too! and now i'm hungry for brunch! :)


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