Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wow...five years old today, my little Friday the 13th surprise baby.
My very own little Lucky Number 13.
It is hard to believe that five years ago today I was going in for my 38-week appointment and
 I got the surprise I most certainly did not expect... that baby was breech and I was in labor.
And it was Friday the 13th.
And one of my greatest pregnancy fears was about to be realized--
they were sending me for a c-section due to breech surprise baby.
I don't know if I have ever told the story about how Miss Charlotte came to be...
I don't think I have...that is a post for another day soon though.

{Breakfast this morning....}
1.Calico Critters Birthday Parade set up by Wyatt
2. The Birthday girl with her hair rag-rolled
3.Wyatt reading her the Little Critter Halloween book he made for her
4. Birthday present: elephant family at the Birthday Parade

{my girl's birthday card, bought at a local shop but check out more here}

Happy Birthday to my sweet Charlotte Rose.
Hope everyone has a great day's Thursday...
tomorrow is already Friday. Wooohoooo.


  1. Blessed birthday, Miss Charlotte Rose (such a sweet name)!

  2. All the girl stuff is so cute!!

    October is the best month for Birthdays!

  3. Happy 5th Birthday Charlotte!!!! She is such a doll!
    p.s. Have I ever told you that when we were figuring out what to name Claire, I really wanted to name her Charlotte? I LOVE that name.

  4. Lydia turns 5 on Monday. . .oh, it seems so old doesn't it. . .like the baby years are way behind us, bittersweet, most definately1

    We have a Friday the 13th kid, too and he was born via emergency c-section, too. . it was also a full moon the night he was born! Explains a lot:)

  5. Happy birthday to your Charlotte! I love hearing baby stories! Can't wait to hear about Charlotte's. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your Charlotte! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Charlotte, I hope all your dreams come true x x x x

  8. Oh...the photo collage of Miss C is breathtaking! Happy birthday to your Lucky Number 13!

    PS...I had a surprise c-section with my first b/c she was breech also. And then #2 decided she'd be breech too. You know...she has to do everything her big sis does. Even from birth.

  9. happy birthday to your gorgeous girl- those photos are wonderful around her profile photo-

    i feel like i can see a part of her personality in each- and i've not yet (!!) met her...

    hope you all had a perfect day together - curls in the hair and all!

    melissa xx

  10. happy belated birthday to your precious daughter! i am swooning over that picnik collage you did. so so so beautiful.


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