mini session :: bribed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There are most definitely things that require a little bribery.
Pictures of my kids is one of them.
Not for everyday pictures but when I want to get birthday pictures.
I needed pictures of my (newly) 5 & 7-year old... so a little bribery was in order.
They had to wear what I told them and they had to cooperate. 
FYI:: I also believe in bribing for potty-training. Totally acceptable, wouldn't 
want to do it without bribery...and shots at dr. appointments, definitely.

I don't like usually them to be too "posey" but I do want them to actually look at the 
camera on occasion so I can capture their little faces, ya know?
This spot was perfect... pretty hazy light, tons of leaves, tress to climb.
What else could you want?
And these leaves won't be around much longer....

Can I just tell you how much it makes me smile the way she looks at her big brother? 
I catch her smiling at him when he is making jokes
I tell him are not funny or he is just being goofy (or inappropriate) I will look over and she
is just smiling at him, not saying a word.
Yep, she loves her big brother.

Yeah, so that is just some of them, there's more.
It makes me happy to look at see them playing together,
having fun, completely carefree.
And who couldn't have fun with a huge pile of leaves, anyway...
especially when they're not in your yard and you don't have to rake them?


PS- I know the Jeep is missing the gas cap.
Why won't I just go get one already? ughhhh.
I hate that I do that.


  1. these are sooo wonderful!
    they melt my heart.
    your children are DOLLS! gorgeous!
    you're hired for family pics.
    we need them sooo badly!
    when can you come?

  2. Beautiful...wait let me say that again..BEAUTIFUL pictures!! =D Oh and bribery is a must for something things! =D

  3. beautiful! and i love that house in the background!

  4. Are you telling me all I need to do is bribe them to get shots like this!!!:) NOT!
    These are so beautiful amy! I know I keep saying that..but goodness. I am still up for a family photo session with you ya know!;)
    love Charlottes look for Wyatt...that is a priceless memory forever captured.
    have a happy day

  5. perfection! i love the light too. and i love how she's adoring him with her sweet little eyes. :)

  6. You do such a beautiful job of capturing their love for each other! I wish there were more pictures of my older brother and I when we were growing up. There are a few, and in some of those I have the same star-struck look staring up at him that your sweet girl Charlotte does for her brother!

  7. These pictures are just lovely. You have gotten some great shots of them. The one where Charlotte is hugging her big brother and staring up at him his my absolute favorite. Your children are beautiful and I am envious of those leaves. :)

  8. so beautiful!
    love each and every one!
    wont' you share more please?!
    they are precious beyond belief!
    I have 5 big brothers and I worshiped them all like that, the closest one in age to me is 5 years older, so they were like Kings to me, I adored them all! especially the very 2 older ones! when my oldest brother moved out he bought me a puppy because he felt bad for leaving. I was 5 and he was 18!

  9. Your pictures are amazing.

    I rarely ever comment, but I love to stop by and gaze at your artful eye.

    Your kids are beautiful too!

    I can't even pick a favorite!

  10. Crazy beautiful images. Crazy. Beautiful. :)

  11. Your kids are so cute! I miss when my daughter was that age. I know I love a huge pile of leaves, ESPECIALLY if I dont have to rake them lol

  12. I LOVE this post - and your images are gorgeous...maybe because your children are too - but it so perfectly captures the love between siblings and such a quintessential fall day! It made me smile; it was a lovely gift.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Incredibly beautiful Amy; you truly captured the season coupled with sibling love. Words just don't seem to suffice the captured moments, but oh what a delight to have them at your fingertips for all time :)


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