Come On In:: My Office

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You didn't get to see this room when my home was featured on Heather's 
Home Made Lovely series, this door was shut, no one was gonna see what was in there.
Naturally, I shoved all of my crap in there that couldn't be in the pictures.
Anyway--now that I am on this organizing/purging kick I am working on this little room
of mine...there are still several things I want to do in here  and one day, I'll get there.
So come on in.....

There are two doors to this little room, one off of the dining room and one off of the kitchen.
I love my chalk board door, this is the door in the dining room.

These three big shelves were already here when we moved in and they hold a lot of my junk stuff.
Jars, jars and more jars.
I like being able to see what is where, so the jars are perfect storage.

Big bulletin board above my desk.

Piles of folded fabric...hoping maybe by having them all out on my shelf 
where I can see them all the time I will be more inspired to get creative.

I hoard magazines, I am a magazine hoarder. There, I said it.
Magazines; dog-eared, pages torn out, stacked in piles and saved...
this is what we did pre-Pinterest, people.

Projects, ideas, plans...

My other door is covered in the kid's art work. 
love this family picture, one of my all-time favorites.

I can close myself in my little office, turn on some music and create in this tiny space.
That makes me happy.
And this is the view of my backyard from my window...

And that is a little bit of my Maid's Quarters turned office. 
And yes, our next-door neighbor who has lived here forever told us this little room was 
added on as Maid's Quarters in the 1960's.
 Too funny.
Now it is THIS Maid's quarters.
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Amy I ADORE your jars of treasures. I have a bunch of my own, too. = )

  2. hello gorgeous- I wanna come sit in your maid's quarters and listen to cool is so special to have a little space of one's own- heck it's not that much to ask for a teeny space is it....we kinda deserve it...mind you in this space- we surround ourselves with *things* of our treasured kids and family and friends anyway...{love your notice board!!}...

    Had a virtual coffee today...

    hugs sweet- Melissa PS- Can I pllleeease have that jar collection - the mason jar one- they cost an entire childs education here!! :)

  3. I'd like to come round for a cuppa and a real good nosey :) your house looks just so homely. x

  4. It's totally adorable. What a perfect spot. Not only is it for the maid...but the cook, the driver, the teacher, and the lady of the house. Now can you come organize mine?


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