Sunday, November 20, 2011

I think I mentioned last week that I have been on a serious de-cluttering mission around here.
I am happy to report that I am still going strong on my mission.
I have been doing a little bit every day, weekdays mostly, and I am making a big dent in
the clutter and all of the stuff.
I like stuff, I have a lot of stuff, I collect a lot of stuff...I am a stuff person.
I can definitely appreciate minimalism, but a minimalist I am not.
I hang on to too many things...clothes I may wear again one day(or not), baby stuff, magazines
and books, children's books....some of it I hang onto purposely and some of it I think
I have hung onto because subconsciously I wasn't ready to let it go.
Does that make sense to you?

There are boxes and things I just have not wanted to deal with, so I mentally
put it out of my mind as well as out of my line of vision...move it to the basement, shove it to
the back of my closet shelf, carry it up to the attic, stick it under my bed....

Looking around at a cleaner, less cluttered house is giving me a sense of peace.
Looking over at the basket that holds all the school stuff/papers/things to go through and seeing
that it is not completely overflowing, makes me really happy.
Not having to search for things as long as I often have to, feels good.
I know that by cleaning out the stuff I am doing more than just that...who would
have known?
I am trying to brainwash the kids into my new way of thinking by having them quote with me;
"A cluttered house is a cluttered mind." ; )

So far I have tackled ::
my little office
kid's closets
my closet
went through mine and the kid's clothes, shoes, etc
both kid's bedrooms
huge fabric box i have been ignoring for over a year
kid's books
my magazines (this is huge in itself, people)

Next up :: part of the basement slated for a small playroom
Dear God, give me strength on that one.

Yep, feeling pretty damn good about myself right about now.
Oh- and for those of you wondering, my man made it back in town in time to walk
in the parade with Wyatt. Love him for that one.
Happy Sunday night everyone!


  1. Bravo, Amy! As part of The Great Unpack following our recent house move, I've been decluttering too. And yes, it feels fabulous! We're still very much a WIP but well on the way. Oh, and the children's artwork is always a tricky one, isn't it? J x

  2. Uncluttering feels so good doesn't it? And that's some major uncluttering you've done! My goodness. Props to you. Good luck with that basement!

  3. Nice job on the de-cluttering! I have some serious work to do. Little by little...right? I just did a post about letting-go of the stuff we keep. Seems to be a theme going. ;)

  4. agh! stuff! can't live with it, can't live with out it!

  5. Ive been dong the very same thing! It all came to a head when my hubbys missionary friend was (unbeknowns to me) invited to stay the night in our guest room(which had become a storage room. HUbby told me as he and said friend were walking out the door and my girlfriends were walking IN the door for girls nght in.
    So I basically emptied the room and made up the bed, put towels and chocolates on the bed....while I "ran upstairs" to put my 6 year old to bed.
    I totally agree with you that less stuff= less hassle=more peaceful living. And theres less to dust around, right?!
    Good luck on your cleanout. We can encourage each other in this:)
    Have a great day Amy!

  6. decluttering is good for the soul!
    have a happy day amy


    I hear every word you're saying sweet!

    Each & every word- you know I'm taking as many crates as humanly possible home from our life here in ol'Blighty- and we've just organised for the two big crates we have in storage to meet us at the house Boxing Day...hmmm- I'll let you know how much of it we actually remember saving...the stuff we 8couldn't live without!*...

    There is something totally satisfying looking at a semi-overflowing basket is there not!

    M xxx

  8. PS- so glad that lovely daddy got back for the parade walking- show how much he loves both you and W!

    Bless him!

    M xx

  9. de-cluttering must be the theme this year! It was my one and only new year's resolution and I'm still working on it, but you're right, it does feel good!
    So glad you didn't have to walk in the parade!!

  10. Good for you chick, keep up the great work. I love having clearouts and de-cluttering but like you I'm far from minamilist :) x x x x

  11. Well done! I don't knw if it's nesting or what, but I've been a bit of a cleaning and organizing machine myself here lately. It really is freeing :) And I'm going to have to remember your slogan, that's a good one!


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