{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good morning everyone.
Welcome to the first Virtual Coffee of the new year.
If you are new, I am so glad you stopped by here today.
And if you're not new, I am glad you stopped by again today.

I am a little late for coffee this morning because the kids and I overslept.
Charlotte came into my room and I jumped up and looked at the clock; 8:01 a.m., baby.
So much for getting up early to do my coffee post before I took the kids to school.

So now you get to have coffee with me while I am sitting in Panera drinking my latte with a
shot of sugar-free vanilla. Hmmm...not so sure about this but I guess I will drink it.
Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee today....

Oh my, I have to tell you about attempting to renew my (quite expired) driver's license on Friday.
What a nightmare.
I was determined NOT to be stuck with a driver's license picture where I looked drunk for years
and years again.
So, I got myself ready, fixed my hair, eyeliner, mascara... all of it.
I won't even describe the hot mess of people in the DMV (just use your imagination) but it was
packed and after waiting in line with Charlotte it is my turn.
So I admit my license expired several months ago and I needed to renew it and how much was
it gonna be and did I have to take a written test because I am bad at tests and I want to study first
"Excuse me Mrs. Bramer but you are on a list (can't remember the name of the list) for an
outstanding ticket you failed to pay and you are not allowed to renew your driver's license today."
Sayyyy whaaaaat?
So I leave with some phone numbers and record number of my "unpaid ticket" and head home.
Come to find out the ticket was from 2007 and it was paid but I paid it by personal check and
apparently they charged me a $1.25 processing fee I didn't know about, so the ticket has been
marked "unpaid" this whole time.
So I have to take care of that this week then go maybe tomorrow and see about getting a
new license.
It's always something, huh?
And usually something pretty dumb.

I told you all about my weekend, or at least my Saturday here.
We had a good but kinda busy weekend, looking forward to a 3-day weekend this week.
This week I am feeling ready to get back into organizing and purging my house.
I was doing so good and then the Holidays came and things kind of fell apart, way
too much going on to worry about organizing.

Today is Charlotte's first show-and-tell day at preschool and she has had such a
difficult time deciding what she wanted to take.
She finally decided on her penguin pillow pet she got for Christmas.
I am anxious to see if she said anything or not when it was her turn, I don't really
know how much she talks at school.
Really wish I could be a fly on the wall in there : )

Okay well this connection is super slow and it is taking so long to upload pictures so
I am going to sign off for now and work on my grocery list.
Up next: Pick up Charlotte and Grocery store.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Link up your coffee post below, the link is open all week.
Then make sure you visit the other girls.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. today: had my coffee, worked out, showered,read my Bible readings, now working on school stuff with Ava (she's doing some long division right now & only needs me for checking her work) wishing I had time to edit photos and do a blog post to join in! maybe tonight since I already worked out!!!
    p.s. that STINKS about the license! and you aren't the only one who let's yours expire! LOL! Mine was 8 months or so!!!

  2. You couldn't get your license over a buck somethin. Ridiculous! Especially since you could have just paid the minimal fine right there. What a pita. I would have been ticked. It probably would have ruined my afternoon and push me to the closest chocolate bar. Seriously... I might need help. I'm getting annoyed FOR you. Ahem...

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall at Dom's school, too. Not because he doesn't talk enough (the boy even talks in his sleep) I would like to know how he interacts with other kiddos at school. He always has such interesting stories.

  3. Sometimes it's nice to oversleep, as long as things don't get too crazy :) I love your blog header, btw...you're always so creative with them and this one is just so simple and great! What a mess about that ticket...why didn't they call you about it? Ridiculous. I hope the second attempt is better!

  4. What a pain to get your drivers license! I dislike all of the hoops we have to jump through to get things done.

    Cute about the pillow pet. Those things are adorable.

  5. What a pain! But hey, maybe you'll look that much better tomorrow. :)
    Happy day!

  6. Grrrr! Now you have to go back...ick.

  7. Am I the only one asking if you are still driving with an expired licence?! Am I so anal, aren't I? I wonder if anyone at the DMV looked out the window as you left and got in your car!!! But then that's just me being anal again! Oh, good luck with all that. How on earth did you figure out it was all over $1.25? Now, figuring THAT out would make me nuts. Here's to a great looking DMV photo (oxymoron?).

  8. i should probably renew mine too, since i live in a different state now...nah...you're story has persuaded me to put it off :)

  9. Ugh! What a pain! I hate when stuff like that happens! I hope it gets resolved quickly. Truth be told, I pretty much hate anything to do with bureaucracy, especially when it's incomprehensible things. Good luck getting it all sorted!

  10. I am going through a similar red tape nightmare with the renewal of my passport abroad. I have been looking all over the city for a place that will take my picture in the US format (believe me not an easy task) and when I found one yesterday it was obviously the worst face/hair day ever so not only will I look drunk but horrendous too for the next 10 years. I just hope they accept in. When I renewed my licence in the States last time I was called back to the counter on the speaker because my first photo was too ugly to use!

  11. Hi gorgeous gal- I too have spent an hour and a half of my day sitting in our Aussie motor registry, with the sun looking mighty perfect OUT the windows- I had to change my UK drivers lic for an Australian one- i had no fine- but with what it cost me- thank god!!

    I also totally get lack of proper connection-grrr....that's why I've not been hanging out with you lately...x

    Son't know bout the vanilla bit in the coffee- but I'd drink any of it with you...

    Melissa xx

  12. OMG - what a bummer about the Driver's License...jeez. Ironically, you are VERY lucky that a cop didn't pull you over and take your license for something that mundane...it happened to a friend of mine scary enough.

    Well, I hope that you enjoy your extra day. I know I would :-)

    Thanks for coffee and good luck at the DMV.

  13. belated happy new year, my dear :)
    ah, the joys of show and tell... i so miss those days... treasure them - they are really precious xx


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