Those Days When Being A Mom Is Really Hard

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday was one of those mornings.
You know the ones.
The ones were every little thing goes wrong before you even step out the front door.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Let's see...
First, I didn't get up when I planned to, that was the first mistake...things tend to go quickly
downhill when that happens, huh?

Somebody couldn't find their jacket, the brush went missing and Lord knows girlfriend's hair
cannot be fixed without a brush.

Go to fix lunch and remember we ran out of jelly for his pb&j

The bags under my eyes were actually carrying bags of their own I think

Wyatt knocked over a whole(too full) glass of milk

The jeans I wanted to wear were in the washer and the ones I wore were a mistake(too low= fear
of underwear/butt hanging out all day) but we were in a hurry and I didn't have time
to scrounge through baskets of clothes that really need to be put away but for some reason
have been sitting on my bedroom floor for days.

One of the dogs is sick and couldn't go up and down the stairs to go outside but if I tried
to pick her up she would start yelping

I could go on but I won't, you get the idea.

We did make it out of the house and got Charlotte to school on time though(miracle!), so
Wyatt and I stopped to pick up coffee because I was running too late to fix any at home.
I got out of the car, dropped my purse and everything fell out on the street--ummm, and my purse
is a mess of papers, receipts, suckers, socks, barrettes, cars and much more--
there was lots of scrambling so my stuff didn't blow away down the street.

Some days with the not planning ahead, which is totally my fault but still frustrating,
the list of things to remember...
the school stuff-volunteering, school projects, remembering what to send in which days, etc...
the meals and dishes and laundry
and going to fix supper and realizing you don't have something you really needed...
and the endless questions...
Some days are a breeze, some days are so far from it.

Some days it's a little too much effort to be "on", to be The Mom with encouraging words,
patient explanations and taking advantage of all of the teachable moments in any given day.
Like when my boy comes home from school and tells me he looked at someone in the auditorium
from another class and the boy told him to shut up for no reason and hurt his feelings.
I don't always have the mental energy to respond appropriately and sometimes I want to say
(okay, might have actually said) that maybe that boy is the one that needs to shut up.

But we got to school and all was well.
Charlotte and I hung out there all day; she got to paint, look at books, help empty and fill
cups for painting with water colors and had fun hanging out with first-graders all day.

Then, the three of us snuck out of school, picked up lunch and ate it in the park by the lake.
The kids thought it was so much fun...and it was.
It reminded me of how it felt when I was in grade school and got to walk home
for lunch-we only lived about a block away from school and my mom didn't work so she
was always home.
So then we got back to school a little late because, well-I'm the mom and I can do that if
I want to and because I lost track of time and didn't want to make the kids stop playing.

We ended up staying at school until the end of the day and Charlotte got to play with the
big kids outside for their extra recess. I sat in the grass and watched the kids play.

And today is a new day.
A chance to do it all over again, which will no doubt include lots more mistake-making but I
think that's okay, too.
This morning I was up before everyone else, drinking my coffee on the front porch because
the weather is so ridiculously awesome.
The kids woke up and came outside to snuggle under the blanket with me.
It was a much better way to start to the day than yesterday.
I can totally do this again today.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.
Now I am going to get caught up on all of the Coffee Talk from yesterday.


  1. Amy- you rock. For real.
    I would have mentioned the other boy needing to shut up too. I don't have kids yet, but that's the first thing that came to my mind. I did nanny for a family with 6 children and I do know about those days. I love that you have your coffee on the porch in the mornings. This weather is GREAT!

  2. this is awesome.
    all of it.
    the shut up part made me giggle, because YOU KNOW we all think that when our precious get hurt.
    LOVE your attitude! sorry about the bad day, though...ugh! the purse spilling all over woulda put me over.the.edge.

  3. Oh man what a day you had! I'm sorry. I hope your day is better today. The purse spill would have had me in tears...

  4. oh yes, I have had THOSE days too my friend! glad today is better. hugs!

  5. awww. . . those kind of days are the worst. .. but then you just have to laugh! :-) hope today is much better! :-)

  6. Yesterday + today have been terrible days for me as a Mama. TERRIBLE! Let's just say teen issues are not fun at all. But this too shall pass, right? RIGHT?? It better. I have a new wrinkle every time I look in the mirror.

  7. The day after a day like this is always sooooooo much bettr!!!;)
    your park is beautiful.
    visiting our park in the middle of the day always does the trick for us too.
    have a happy day amy


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