{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Morning.
Happy Tuesday.
And happy March.
And by the way...March? Really!?
I can't quite grasp the fact that we just have three months left of this school year...that's all.
No fancy pictures of me drinking coffee this morning.
You can find me in my robe watching movies with my boy today, he is home sick for the
second day now. Yuuuuck.
And yes, that is what my hair really looks like in the morning, it's not pretty.
But anyway--sit right down to your computer, cause you don't wanna come here and get sick,
or watch Dolphin Tale with us, and let me tell you all about my new purchases.

So, if we were REALLY meeting for coffee this morning.....
I would have to tell you all about The Auction on Saturday.
That would be The Auction that I was not actually even able to go to but still got some really
great things from thanks to my cousin.
So, here's what happened....
Friday when I went to pick Wyatt up from school, I noticed a whole bunch of tables and chairs
and pianos sitting outside the old now-closed-down elementary school next door to Wyatt's school.
It is up on a hill so I couldn't get too good of a look though, so I go home and start making phone
calls. I used to work for the school district myself so I knew where to start calling and finally
reached someone who told me they were auctioning off the contents of the school.

I went up there and took pictures of just some of the things I was dreaming of...
Can you even stand it? Or do you just see a pile of junk?
Because I do not see a pile of junk at all, it might be a little weird  sad how happy all of this
stuff makes me.
But, it was Saturday morning.

And if you missed this post, I could not make it Saturday morning, it was right at the same
time as the funeral.
So I called my cousin that lives about an hour away and asked if she could be here the
next morning at 9:30. And....she could.

I was dying over the wooden card catalog in the middle but sadly I did not get it and it almost
makes me sick to tell you how much it went for.....$20. That's just one zero after the two, guys.

*Here's what I did get for about $49 total though:

4 small kid's chairs in those 70's colors above(but without that weird cushion thing)
One preschool-style cubbie with four hooks in it, room for shoes, storage, etc.
A huge chalkboard on a wooden stand--that flips from front to back, maybe 5x3
The maps! I finally have a couple of pull-down maps...
for under $10 each. UNDER $10 each. This makes me beyond happy.

These pictures are no good really. but you get the idea.
I will post pictures of everything when I have them hung/where they will go.
If I can today I need to make room for my huge chalkboard down in the playroom so Eric
can get it down there tonight.
Charlotte is so excited and can't wait to play school with it.

Have you ever been to an auction?
Do you think they are fun? Intimidating? I think I might have a new obsession interest.
Well, sorry I kind of dominated our coffee talk this morning with all of my auction talk.
Tell me what is going on with you today....I am listening.
And a happy Tuesday to you.


  1. Wow, you must feel so satisfied! You got some great stuff. I love the maps and would have really liked the wooden card catalog cabinet...

  2. what bargains your grabbed!!
    can't believe the card catalogue was virtually given away!! all those perfect little drawers... *sigh*
    i can't cope with the stress and tension of auctions... sending a friend with pics is the way to go, i reckon!!
    thanks for the fun chat over coffee... though i had hot choc today in my scrummy NEW mug :) xxx

  3. WOW! Love the pictures & all your great deals! I haven't ever been to an auction but you've encouraged me to go to one now!

  4. I've been wanting a card catalog for the longest time. Not sure what I'd keep in it.(craft stuff more than likely) but they are awesome!!

    Great finds :)
    I was quite succesful in my junking on Saturday. Books,plates,shiny brites. Mama did good!

    Thanks for coffee!!

  5. I love everything you got! very cool! can't wait to see it up in your house and being used by your kiddos!

    today: we put our house on the market last night. very sad in some ways, but excited to see where we end up, even if it is an apartment. I know there is a plan, just anxious about what it will be....hubby has to find a job before June 30th or we will be moving in with the in-laws, and they don't even know it LOL!!!
    doing school with Ava, she is sooooo independent it's awesome!
    have a GREAT tuesday with your boy!

    p.s. hope he's better tomorrow!

  6. Hope the boy feels better soon! There's a lot of sickies going around this time of year. Your auction finds are to die for! The inner, wannabe librarian in me would LOVE to have that card catalog. Great stuff!

  7. Ack! I'm jealous!! Great scores.

  8. WOW.. Those are great deals. that 20 items would sell for yes another zero added here in my area. The maps are 60-100 and the flip chalk board 200 as well. Wish I had been there. Really fun finds.

  9. never been to an auction, but WOW! you're making me rethink that!! great finds.

  10. Auctions are so much fun! I love going....and your stuff is awesome.Glad your cousin could help out

  11. Oh how fun! I've never been to an auction. But that's cool you scored so much cool stuff! I love that you have a map that still says Soviet Union on it. Awesome.

  12. #youhitthejackpot!
    holy smokes, girlfriend!
    good eye for great finds for EVEN BETTER prices.
    i paid waaaay more for my antique map!

  13. Nice!

    I've never been to an auction. Sounds like fun! :)

  14. no way!?!?! what a score. and $20? gah. . . i cry a little at the thought. they sell for $300 in a shop in downtown champaign. serious awesomeness that you did get. yay!


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